Remedy launches subscription service for UK customers

Remedy, the Australian kombucha brand recently launched in the UK, has now also announced the launch of a subscription service for its UK customers. The service comes as Remedy reports that its global sales more than doubled in 2020, fuelled by a growing awareness of the dangers of sugary drinks and an increased demand for healthier alternatives that deliver genuine quality.

Remedy Kombucha follows a traditional method of making kombucha which involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea with a live culture. Remedy is made in small batches and long-aged brewed for 30 days, and is raw and unpasteurised. The result is a sparkling drink with sweet and sour flavours that is naturally free from sugar, and chock-full of antioxidants, live cultures and organic acids that can provide a whole host of health benefits, from aiding digestion to boosting immunity.

The subscription service includes multipacks of either 24 x 250ml cans or 12 x 330ml bottles, and is available on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Customers can choose from their favourite flavours of Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Switchel and Remedy Coconut Water Kefir multipacks, or opt for a mixed pack. Costs vary, but are typically £24.99 for 12 x 330ml bottles; or £29.99 for 24 x 250ml cans – customers will receive a 10% discount on each order, with delivery included free of charge.

Remedy’s subscription service in its home market of Australia, one of the most developed markets for kombucha in the world, grew by 150% in 2020. Remedy has now launched the subscription service to meet growing consumer demand within the UK, where the brand has rapidly expanded to become the best-selling kombucha brand in the country and the first kombucha brand to be sold within Tesco Superstores, alongside other retailers including Marks & Spencer, Holland & Barrett, Morrisons, Boots, Booths and Amazon.

Anna Dominey, UK general manager for Remedy, said: “We’ve had a lot of requests for a subscription service – once customers have tried our drinks, they get pretty hooked on them and want to be able to drink them regularly. This is because they love the taste and how drinking Remedy makes them feel. Because Remedy is naturally free from sugar, thanks to our long-aged brewing process, it’s safe to store outside of the fridge, which makes it really convenient to have it delivered by the case direct to your door. Events of 2020 have driven so much change in consumer needs and, through our subscription service, we are meeting those needs more easily and ensuring that Remedy is more accessible than ever.”

Remedy subscriptions are available to purchase online at:

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