Olympic champion trio launch new single origin coffee in aid of men’s mental health

Rio 2016 Olympic Champions Owain Doull, Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes have added a single origin coffee to their two-product 5 Rings stable in aid of men’s mental health. 

The British cyclists, who all secured gold medals at the Olympic Games in Brazil four years ago, have named the new product ‘Break the Chain’ in memory of Doull’s late friend who committed suicide in tragic circumstances in June. In a sign of 5 Rings’ purpose-driven ethos, 50% of the sales proceeds of Break the Chain – which joins fellow single origin coffee roasts Blind Faith and Cali Crash in coming to market – will be donated to mental health charity, Andy’s Man Club.

The new roast is so-named as a result of the founders’ efforts to break the chain of men’s battles with mental health, and to do so through a positive initiative that raises awareness of challenges such as depression and anxiety and encourages others in society to “do their bit” in helping others manage their wellbeing. Men’s mental health is a cause close to the founders’ hearts, too, as Skinner himself suffered from depression and anxiety following his Rio 2016 triumph, with Hindes and Doull playing an integral part on his road to recovery.

5 Rings founders Owain Doull, Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes said:“As a sport, competitive cycling attracts those that like to suffer, but it’s a suffering that’s consensual, encouraged and applauded. Break The Chain is about a different kind of suffering altogether, however, and one that has impacted the three of us, and large numbers of people across society, directly. 

“Callum was directly impacted, as he suffered from depression and anxiety following the Rio Games, and we (Phil and Owain) played an active part in his recovery, watching him grow, recover and thrive. Unfortunately, with one of Owain’s closest friends this summer, there was no such recovery; and so, this has motivated us to play our part in breaking the chain of men’s mental ill health. We want everyone to know that by purchasing our new coffee roast, and sharing it with others, you can play your part, too. Coffee is a social activity and one small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

“Callum first became aware of Andy’s Man Club during a BBC Radio Five Live radio show. He immediately admired the simple concept that the charity embodies, getting men to chat wither they are struggling from mental ill health or not. For too long there has been a stigma about men talking about how they feel, Andy’s Man Club provides a safe and non-judgmental place for men to talk.”

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