Cropster releases newest version of Roasting Intelligence with bean curve predictions

Cropster, a software solution for the coffee industry, has released the newest version of its Roasting Intelligence which features bean temperature and Rate of Rise (RoR) predictions. It predicts the next two minutes of bean temperature and the RoR using Artificial Intelligence.

With Cropster’s technology, it is possible for roasters to see where their roast is going next before it gets there. The company has built a machine learning algorithm that takes gas changes and the machine type into account in order to predict the bean temperature curve.The company says its bean curve predictions will help roasters to develop new profiles and train new staff members more easily.

Martin Wiesinger, CTO of Cropster, said: “For over a decade now, we at Cropster worked on technologies that pushed the specialty coffee industry forward, but seldomly was I as excited as today as we usher into a new era of innovation. We focused our efforts on building a system around data that is readily available to our entire customer base. In order to bring the benefits of this transformational technology to everyone who uses Roasting Intelligence today.”

Cropster’s early beta testers reportedly had positive feedback about the new bean curve predictions: “We’ve been beta testing the new curve prediction. Massively helpful, especially to my coworker Katie, who is still in her first handful of months learning how to roast,” said Christian Ott from Mission Coffee Co.

For more information about Cropster’s bean curve predictions, click here.

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