Red Bay Coffee Roasters supports Life is Living Festival

Thousands of people are expected to convene at the 12th annual Life is Living Festival in Oakland, California, made possible by local business, Red Bay Coffee Roasters.

Life is Living is an eco-equity, interdisciplinary event that centers neighbourhoods and communities that are historically underserved, and produced in public spaces that have been otherwise neglected. It is from this space and intention that Life is Living becomes a catalyst for larger discussions i.e. environmental racism, social ecology and social responsibility in an era of tremendous change (climate and otherwise). The result is an intergenerational kaleidoscope of life in Oakland; an acclaimed celebration of resilience, love, and the art that brings the community together.

Keba Konte, founder of Red Bay Coffee who is also a renowned local artist, with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area’s specialty coffee and hospitality industries, has been a part of Life is Living since its inception and continues to exhibit his work. “It’s a huge honour for us at Red Bay Coffee to make this year’s Life is Living Festival a reality. We love Oakland, and anything that positively supports our community is something that we at Red Bay want to be a part of.”

The festival includes activities for all ages including live music, a skate park, dance classes, multiple stages, theatre, art, a science and technology fair, panel discussions, vendors, a free breakfast programme for all including Red Bay Coffee and much more. Red Bay Coffee will also host a series of panel discussions entitled Youth Speaks: Talk To Your Neighbour from 2pm-5pm.

Life is Living establishes a new model for partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, green action agencies, and the contemporary arts world. Since 2008, Life is Living has grown from a festival that uses art to foster environmental justice to a mobilised campaign much larger in scope. Currently led by the Life is Living Cohort, co-founders Hodari B. Davis, Chinaka Hodge, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, and producing director Joan Osato, Life is Living serves as an incubator for a multigenerational community of local and national artists.

October 12, 2019 from 10am-7pm, Little Bobby Hutton Park, 1651 Adeline St, Oakland California, US
LIFE is LIVING 2019 website:

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