Survey uncovers US coffee-drinking habits

In celebration of 2019 National Coffee Day on September 29, Peet’s Coffee, commissioned a survey of 2,000 people in collaboration with OnePoll to understand taste preferences and coffee-drinking habits of Americans.

When surveyed about beans, coffee lovers prized freshness first (52%), followed by caffeine (41%), and taste profile (40%).

The OnePoll survey also uncovered that the following coffee growing regions topped Americans’ list:

  • Colombia (36%)
  • Brazil (32%)
  • Costa Rica (23%)
  • Ethiopia (17%)
  • Guatemala (12%)
  • Hawaii (11%)

“With each sip of a Peet’s single-origin coffee, you enjoy a true expression of a specific place,” said Doug Welsh, roastmaster, Peet’s Coffee.

“These coffees are born of long-standing farmer relationships bearing the highest-quality beans. Savoring a Peet’s single-origin completes that special connection, inviting you into the environs of Costa Rica, the mountains of Guatemala, and the flavors of these distinct terroirs.”

The survey demonstrated that 83% of respondents self-identifying as coffee connoisseurs—comprised mainly of those aged 18 to 54 —spending time researching if the beans they purchase are grown and sourced ethically. A reported 86% of self-identified coffee connoisseurs are also likely to research if beans meet environmental and sustainability standards.

“The pursuit of better coffee is at the core of Peet’s, and a better life for coffee farmers is at the core of that,” said Doug Welsh. “We invest where the tree meets the ground with improved transparency from Enveritas, with climate-resilient varieties from World Coffee Research, and training from TechnoServe, our non-profit partners in cultivating farmer profitability.”

On National Coffee Day, Peet’s will reward all coffee lovers with 25% off all beans at participating Peet’s coffeebars and purchases made at on all regular, non-subscription beans, using promo code COFFEEDAY19. The offers are valid from 27/9 – 29/9/2019

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