Foxtail Coffee partners with Yaupon Brothers to serve Florida-grown tea

Foxtail Coffee has partnered with Yaupon Brothers American Tea to serve organic, Florida-grown Yaupon Holly tea and other highly curated teas and tisanes at all 11 locations.

“We’re excited to partner with Yaupon Brothers and bring new organic teas to each location,” said Iain Yeakle, Foxtail’s co-founder. “Partnering with another Florida company gives us the opportunity to serve exceptional products while supporting our local economy.”

Yaupon Holly is North America’s only caffeinated plant species. It is native to Florida and has been consumed as a tea-like beverage for thousands of years. Yaupon Brothers maintains a certified organic 13-acre forest farm in New Smyrna Beach.

Foxtail has always offered high-quality teas at its locations, but the partnership with Yaupon Brothers expands on the company’s dedication to growing with other local businesses.

In addition to teas, Foxtail roasts and serves responsibly sourced coffee from around the world and hand-crafted beverages.

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