Flying Embers donate to California firemen

Organic ‘hard’ kombucha brand, Flying Embers is dedicating their commitment to support fire safety programs and First Responders during Wildfire Awareness Week, which takes place 6-12 May 2019.

Following the Thomas wildfire in 2017, which threatened Ojai in California where Flying Embers was founded, the company has pledged to donate 1% of its annual revenues to regional fire safety programmes and First Responders.

“Experiencing the Thomas Fire in 2017 firsthand, has not only brought us a special appreciation for life,” said founder Bill Moses, “but it has also taught us the importance of teaming with our community. This experience has defined our brand and mission to support fire education and prevention organizations and those First Responders who risk their lives for their communities.”

William Castagna, board president of Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council said: “The generous financial support we received from Flying Embers could not have come at a better time. With the Thomas Fire’s devastating effects still fresh on our minds, the Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council is being called to action by our community more than ever. These funds have provided a crucial boost to our capacity-building and community service efforts.”

Flying Embers was founded in Ojai, California in 2016, by Bill Moses, co-founder of KeVita Probiotic Drinks. Accompanied by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Flying Embers set out on a mission to create innovative botanical brews that boast practical benefits.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha is an alcoholic sparkling tea made with an adaptogen root blend. It is organic, gluten-free and zero sugar. Flying Embers’ current line of three flavors includes Ancient Berry (with elderberry, goji, and raspberry), Ginger & Oak, and Lemon Orchard (with lavender, mint, and ginger).
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