Dominik Mucklow joins Cropster as product manager for origin and R&D

Cropster, a software solution for the coffee industry, has appointed Dominik Mucklow as product manager for origin and research & development.

After nine years working at origin in Africa, Mucklow brings extensive farm and processing expertise to Cropster.He has also worked extensively in IT and software in the coffee sector across Africa, and worked on several projects sponsored by Nespresso, Mondelez and Mother Parkers.

Throughout this experience he has built an intimate knowledge of processing standards and practices across the industry. A knowledge he will be leveraging as he works on delivering the next versions of Cropster’s existing and new origin solutions and products.

“Working with Cropster on their Origin product is the opportunity to extend to coffee producers the same level of quality assurance we have come to expect from specialty roasters.” said Mucklow. “This promises to greatly expand the overall supply of top-grade green beans with the benefits accruing to consumers and farmers alike.”

“Dominik’s many accomplishments at origin in Africa, make him a great fit for Cropster as it further expands its offerings for coffee producers, cooperatives, farms, etc.” said Andreas Idl, CEO Cropster. “His experience will ensure Cropster’s offerings are fully aligned with the industries needs.”

About Cropster

Cropster develops the specialty coffee industry’s #1 software solution. Cropster focuses on roast profiling, inventory & green coffee management, production planning, quality control and online green coffee buying and selling. Roasters, cuppers, traders and coffee producers worldwide partner with Cropster to ensure they get the very best from their specialty coffees.

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