Single origin Matcha Japanese green tea and Matcha Shaker from Jing Tea

Jing Tea has launched a brand-new range: Matcha Japanese Green Tea and a Matcha Shaker to enable foodservice and consumers at home make pure matcha tea with ease.

Single Origin

Unlike other Matcha teas, which are often blended from multiple tea gardens and regions, Jing’s Matcha green tea is produced from a single cultivar known as ‘Okumidori’ that has extraordinarily clear character and flavour and a vivid, forest green color.

Jing’s Matcha green tea is sourced directly from a tea garden in Kagoshima on the South Western tip of Japan, where the terroir is rich and fertile, periodically covered in volcanic ash. Only the highest quality ‘Tencha’ tea leaves are nurtured here, grown in the shade for a full four weeks to encourage an intense green colour and sweetness, then fast steamed for 20 seconds to ‘lock in’ the rich flavour. Only ‘Tencha’ qualifies as Matcha in Japan and is suitable for matcha tea ceremony – an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries.

The leaves are finely ground to order on traditional granite stones, taking up to an hour to produce 40g of powdered tea. Finally, the powder is sealed into airtight packaging.

Ed Eisler, Founder of Jing tea said: “We believe that this is the best tasting Matcha available within Europe. When we source we prioritize quality of flavor, with a focus on authentic expression of provenance. We’re delighted to have found our new single cultivar Matcha; the greenest, creamiest and most characterful of the hundreds we have tasted.”

Shake it up

A full Matcha tea ceremony is a long, gentle process and can take years to learn properly. Jing is encouraging tea lovers to enjoy their Matcha on-the-go, by simply adding hot water to Matcha powder and shaking vigorously. The shaker is also targeted at foodservice and hotels who want to produce high-quality matcha every time in high service environments.

Felicity Fowler, head of UK and Europe at Jing said: “In terms of the hospitality industry, translating this gentle ceremony can be very difficult in a high service environment to produce something consistently every time, and hard to train all the staff to the same standard. The purpose of the Matcha Shaker is to help people deliver matcha and what’s exciting about it, in a way that is consistent and that works in a service environment – and at home.

“With our products you have the option to make matcha traditionally using a bowl and whisk, or you can use the shaker to make a more consistent product time after time. The shaker has a whisk built in, so we’re trying to fuse the traditional with the accessible and modern.”

Matcha latte

Jing is also soon to be launching a latte grade of its matcha tea, cultivated to blend with milk. The company worked with World Barista Champion, Dale Harris, to create a service-style recipe for a matcha latte that can be made with hot milk or cold.

Tom Price, Head of Tea at Jing said: “The latte grade matcha we’re launching is a blend of different cultivars so that it’s perfect for being blended with milk. It keeps its flavour and the strong green color that consumers are looking for. The bitterness that may be created from a lower grade matcha is countered by the natural sweetness of milk.”

Jing’s Matcha Green Tea (30g) is available to purchase online at at an RRP of £24.00 with full ceremonial guidance. The Jing Matcha Shaker is available to purchase online at an RRP of £30.00.

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