RebelliouS Beverage Company debuts its first product line

Rebellious Beverage Company has launched its first range of products, RebelliouS Green Tea, a pre-brewed, organic liquid green tea.

The initial range is available in five flavours: Peach, Lemon, Mint with a hint of Lemongrass, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi. Each can be enjoyed at any temperature – hot, cold or anywhere in between, depending on your preferences. The teas are sweetened with monk fruit instead of sugar.

The shelf-stable longlife tea is packaged in a small, lightweight, ready-to-pour pouch that easily fits in a wallet or pocket.

“Tea continues to be a growth engine within the beverage space, but so far, we’ve seen an unchanged industry,” says founder Doug DuMars. “There is a generation that seeks innovation and individualism. We are excited to provide a solution that can be consumed anywhere, anytime and also delivers on the health benefits expected from green tea in a product with zero-added sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories.”

RebelliouS Beverage Company was founded by food and beverage veteran Doug DuMars and global business whiz Joe O’Connor, the company is proud to bring consumers an expertly-researched product made with high-quality ingredients sourced from top-tier suppliers.

Tea-lovers can buy Rebellious Beverage Company teas on their website: Teas are available in 10-packs for $12.

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