New whole bean flavors at Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is welcoming the return of favourite whole bean flavors, German Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cupcake.

The German Chocolate Cake Whole Beans give flavors of decadent chocolate cake and nutty coconut, while the Red Velvet Cupcake Whole Beans have an essence of rich buttermilk cake swirled with notes of chocolate and vanilla.

“Just like every day should begin with a great cup of coffee, every year should start off with a fresh set of goals; and this year we’re raising the bar to offer our guests even more of the unique flavor combinations they crave,” said Sam Ferreira, president of Gloria Jean’s Coffees. “Gloria Jean’s is known for its wide variety of flavored whole beans, allowing us to provide delicious hot and cold brews unlike anything else out there; our German Chocolate Cake Cold Brew and Red Velvet creations are no exception!”

The two new flavors are also available as drinks in store – Red Velvet Butter Rum Latte & Chiller and German Chocolate Cake Cold Brew.

The new drinks and beans will be featured on Gloria Jean’s menu at the nearly 60 locations in the US until 10 March.

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