Illy Unveils Y5 System with Integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment Technology

During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this month, illy introduced a connected version of its Y5 single-serve espresso and coffee system that integrates the Amazon Dash Replenishment System. Now, the illy Y5 system tracks coffee capsule usage and automatically reorders more before users run out.

A new companion, “My illy Machine” app – available on Android and Apple iOS – enables remote management of the Y5 DRS system via mobile devices, and operates multiple features. Through the intuitive app, coffee lovers can initiate brewing coffee and espresso, schedule daily brewing times, and customise cup volume and temperature. The system monitors capsule usage and automatically reorders from Amazon when capsule counts run low. The system also operates without the app.

“Our new illy Y5 DRS system and app work seamlessly to empower coffee connoisseurs to enjoy all that illy has to offer, and automatically reorder capsules with Dash Replenishment,” says Barry Sheldon, president and COO of illy North America. “The combination of remote operation, custom-tailored coffee and espresso options, and simple capsule reordering through Dash Replenishment means loving every cup without the worry of ever running out.”

Over its 84 years, illy has reimagined many aspects of coffee culture, starting from its introduction of the illetta in 1935 – the precursor to the modern-day espresso machine, and the first to use pressurisation to protect coffee from excessive heat during preparation to preserve its vital aromas and flavors.

Illy capsules are powered by Iperespresso, a technology protected by five patents that was conceived and developed for home espresso and drip coffee brewing at the illycaffè Research & Innovation labs at the company’s headquarters in Trieste, Italy. Unlike the traditional preparation process in which espresso is brewed all at once through percolation, in each Iperespresso capsule, coffee is extracted in two phases: first infusion, then emulsion. This two-stage process ensures optimal extraction of the coffee’s aromas, creating espresso with a smooth, full-bodied aroma and a rich, velvety, long-lasting crema. With Iperespresso, coffee never comes into contact with any part of the machine, for easy clean-up.

The illy Y5 DRS coffee and espresso system is Blue Tooth enabled, comes in black and is available for USD $299 on along with illy Iperespresso and drip coffee capsules at $19 (21-count tin of espresso capsules) and $16.50 (18-count cube pack of drip capsules), in medium roast, dark roast and decaffeinated varieties.

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