Royal Coffee New York to Host Free Colombian Micro-Lot Cupping

Royal Coffee New York’s education center, The Lab, will be hosting a free Colombian coffee cupping on 7 November 2017 from 3pm to 5:30pm. The event will showcase eleven micro-lot coffees, small-supply coffees from a single farm or estate, from Royal Coffee’s new micro-lot collection from Nariño, Colombia.

Open to interested roasters, the tasting will also provide Colombian food for guests. To reserve a spot, please visit All micro-lots will be available for purchase.

Each of the eleven Colombian coffees will be tested on different sensory levels. First, dry coffee grounds will be smelled to experience the aroma of each sample. Each coffee will be steeped for four minutes in small cupping bowls with boiling water. A thin “crust” atop the steeping will be agitated to release the brewed aroma of each micro-lot. Tasters will wait until the brew is approximately 160 F degrees to begin loudly slurping each coffee with spoons, a practice that helps coat the entire palate and aerates the final product for a comprehensive tasting experience. Finally, a grading form will be used to discern variables including acidity, body, and balance, factors used to calculate the lot’s overall score.

The Lab by Royal Coffee NY is a hands-on learning facility created to broaden coffee and tea education for consumers, roasters, baristas, and all people with a passion for coffee and tea. Marking The Lab’s second micro-lot cupping event, Royal’s education director Ana Mallozzi explains, “Our last cupping event included micro lots from Costa Rica and Honduras and we had over 50 people attend. We will also have stories and information on all the coffees available.”

Hinting on the importance of cupping coffees in a group setting, Mallozzi remarks, “the only way to grow as a cupper and as a coffee professional is to cup lots of different coffees with lots of different people.  Every time I cup with a new group of people, I pick up a flavour descriptor I have never used before. Public cuppings/ cupping events bring people together over a common love and is excellent for sensory and professional development.” The coffee education facility offers signature roasting and coffee classes as well as customized education for individuals or businesses.

Royal Coffee New York is a green coffee importer. Specializing in transporting, handling and storing specialty coffee, the 20-year-old coffee supplier discerns quality coffee from origins around the world for purchase by domestic coffee roasters and purveyors. More information can be found at

The Lab is Royal New York’s coffee and tea education center, a state-of-the-art facility with the capability of conducting green-buying, cupping, barista, and roasting classes, which serves to both educate the specialty community and enhance the quality assurance of Royal New York’s coffee supply. More information can be found at

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