Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. launches cold brew single serve pods

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co., has launched cold brew coffee single serve pods, allowing consumers to make fresh cold brew coffee to their liking with a simple self-contained system. The cold brew pods are available for purchase at all Publix Super Markets and other local grocers, the Barnie’s Café located in Winter Park, Florida and online at

Barnie’s Cold Brew is currently available in Café Blend, its year-round best-selling flavor, and Santa’s White Christmas flavor. The Cold Brew pods retail for USD $7.99.

The cold brew pods provide coffee lovers with the versatility of brewing just a single cup to go or a whole pitcher. Making cold brew coffee in the past has been a cumbersome and lengthy process, but with Barnie’s cold brew pods, the process has been simplified to just a few steps. To make a cup of cold brew, consumers simply place a single pod in a 12-ounce glass, pour five ounces of room temperature water into the glass, refrigerate and wait 8-12 hours, remove the pod, and add water or milk to desired taste. For a pitcher, use three pods and 30 ounces of filtered, room temperature water, and wait 8-12 hours.

“We are excited to introduce Barnie’s Cold Brew Pods and give coffee drinkers a simpler way to enjoy the cold brew coffee they love, without the mess,” said Barnie’s senior vice president of sales and marketing Scott Uguccioni. “With these single serve pods, consumers now have the versatility to have cold brew the way they want – whether it be at home, or in the office, we’ve made cold brew easy.”

Barnie’s cold brew pods are made with the finest Arabica coffee beans from Colombia. The pods are made with patented micro-mesh filter paper that maximizes coffee extraction while brewing and are individually wrapped to guarantee smooth freshness with every cup.

Cold brew is a process of brewing coffee that offers a smoother, more balanced flavour than its traditionally hot-brewed counterpart. Cold brew is much less acidic and easier on the stomach than hot coffee while also giving coffee drinkers almost twice the caffeine.

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