B-Tea Beverage launches with line of organic bottled Kombucha beverages

B-Tea Beverage, a new Fairlawn, NJ-based company has launched with a line of shelf stable, raw and organic bottled Kombucha beverages.

B-Tea Beverage brews Kombucha with traditional recipes using Pilzen laden water and organic ingredients. B-Tea Kombucha combines quality ingredients to improve metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. It consists of natural organic ingredients that help burn accumulated body fat, enhances body metabolism, and reduces the feeling of hunger, among other benefits without compromising the rich flavourful taste.

B-Tea Kombucha is available in 8-oz and 16-oz bottles in eight flavors:  Original, Green Tea, Lemon Balm, Tranquility with Aloe Vera, Serenity with Chamomile, Original with Ginger, Lemonade and Chili Cleanser. All B-Tea Kombucha products are raw, organic, and shelf stable.

B-Tea Beverage has partnered with Los Angles, California-based Statewide Beverage Company to distribute its kombucha products on the West Coast and with New York City-based Big Geyser to handle its East Coast distribution.

“[We] are proud to have distribution on the East Coast and West Coast with such formidable distributors,” says Michael Tseytin, B-Tea Beverage’s managing director.

B-Tea Kombucha utilizes the brand management services of Cascadia Managing Brands to assist with their sales and marketing efforts. “The momentum is building nicely and distributors are very interested in selling B Tea Kombucha,” says Bill Sipper, managing partner, Cascadia Managing Brands, Ramsey, NJ.  “The fact that B-Tea Kombucha is shelf stable and unpasteurized opens up new opportunities for distributors who do not have refrigerated trucks.”


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