PJ’s Coffee debuts protein packed Velvet ice coffee drink

Just in time for the New Year, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans (PJ’s) is introducing a protein-enhanced iced blended coffee beverage, the Protein Velvet Ice, set to debut 1 January 2017.

Created in partnership with Ochsner Health System’s Eat Fit program and their registered dietitian Molly Kimball, PJ’s Protein Velvet Ice blended coffee drink will be available at all PJ’s US locations in two flavors, mocha and vanilla, with 21 grams of protein in a medium-sized beverage.

PJ’s Protein Velvet Ice uses Whey Protein, a neutral-tasting, easy-to-mix protein powder, to create the nutrient-packed beverage, adding healthy value while keeping the drink true to the Velvet Ice’s original taste profile. Protein assists with boosting alertness, focus, and can also assist with muscle recovery, making it an ideal addition to any pre- or post-workout beverage. The combination of protein with caffeine before workouts can help enhance performance and decrease perception of pain, which makes the icy beverage perfect for athletes or those regularly visiting the gym.

“The Protein Velvet Ice is a fantastic, healthful complement for the movers and shakers that are our customers, and we’re especially thrilled to be working with Eat Fit,” said Reid Nolte, director of marketing and brand strategy, PJ’s Coffee, New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Ocher Eat Fit mission is to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  It is designed specifically for people who want to indulge without the guilt, meeting the community where they are and providing food and beverage options that are both nutritious and delicious. “In today’s fast-paced society, it’s difficult to find quick, nutrient-packed items on-the-go,” said Kimball. “We’ve created a product packed with protein for those needing a go-to beverage with substance; more protein and less sugar will increase your energy and keep you satisfied longer.”

PJ’s Velvet Ice with protein is available in a small (USD $4.55, 98 milligrams caffeine, 17 grams protein), medium (USD $5.30, 123 milligrams caffeine, 21 grams protein), or large ($5.85, 147 milligrams caffeine, 25 grams protein).

PJ’s will also debut an Eat Fit menu, teaching customers how to order their favorite PJ’s beverages with fewer calories, carbohydrates and fat grams/serving.

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