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Geneva, Switzerland:
Mark Your Calendars!

By Serena Norr

Tea and Coffee World Cup is embarking on its latest journey to one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in Europe-Geneva, Switzerland.

The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal is bringing its latest European exhibition and symposium - Tea & Coffee World Cup to Geneva, Switzerland June 3-5, 2007, at the Geneva Palexpo. The three-day Tea & Coffee World Cup will be appealing to an international mix of notable professionals from the tea and coffee industries as demonstrated by past shows held in Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, and Hamburg that have brought thousands of visitors to the exhibition area.

The Tea & Coffee World Cup in Geneva offers the ideal backdrop to learn and experience the many intricacies of the tea and coffee industry. As the second largest city in Switzerland next to Zurich, evidence of Genevaís past is preserved throughout the city in its numerous museums, libraries, opera houses that prides itself as being one of the most beautiful and cultured cities in the world. Genevaís affluent history dates back more than 4,000 years and continues to influence the development of this cultural epicenter; coupled with an exciting World Cup offers an unparalleled experience for conducting business in the tea and coffee markets.

Geneva offers all the advantages of a small metropolitan area with the benefits of top-quality facilities, services, and an infrastructure that is among the most extensive and efficient in Europe. The city is a vast gateway for outdoor enthusiasts year round with a prime location between the Alps and the Jura mountains as well as situated along the banks of Europeís largest lake, Lake Geneva. Easily reachable by plane as Genevaís International Airport is located three miles from downtown Geneva. The Geneva region is also easy to get around as affordable public transportation by bus, train or boat as well as taxis are available throughout the city. The city provides the largest hotel and catering capacity in Switzerland, with over 14,000 beds and 1,100 restaurants. Hotels range from five-star luxury establishments to tourist-style accommodations that combine modern efficiency with old-world charm, and a multilingual staff that offers the time-honored Swiss tradition of personalized service. Not to missed is the myriad of boutiques and department stores which truly offer something for everyone from their premium watches, exquisite jewelry, chocolate, Swiss army knives, and of course the many stellar tea and coffee products.

The city offers a unique position as an established coffee and tea market that is a strong draw for tea and coffee exhibitors from all over the world, who will be attending this essential forum. The Tea & Coffee World Cup will be your guide to capture your share of the dynamic and expanding marketplace through the successful educational programs that offer an informative insight into the industry by premium experts. These notable names provide an insight into the topics of the latest trends in the tea and coffee markets. Visitors will be able to make important industry contacts, including decision-making buyers within the industry. World Cup is promoted in various through local, national, and international publications, the internet, trade associations, and by mail promotion - all of which will ensure that the broadest number of industry members will be aware of this most noteworthy networking event. In fact, over 300 growers, exporters, importers, coffee roasters, equipment manufacturers, and tea packers from more than 140 countries are expected to exhibit.

Whether a business is established or new to the tea and coffee trades, World Cup Geneva aims to assist its attendees and exhibitors to meet their businessís needs for the coming year. Tea & Coffee World Cupís main mission is to help them expand their businessí share of the worldwide tea and coffee markets - and World Cup has been successful in doing so. Along with a dynamic backdrop, makes Geneva the preeminent location to celebrate the 2007 Tea & Coffee Trade World Cup.

Donít forget to mark your calendar when Tea & Coffee Trade Journal comes to America on January 10-12, 2008 by an unprecedented demand to Miami, Florida.

For more information on Geneva and other upcoming shows, visit the Tea & Coffee World Cup web site at: www.tcworldcup.net.

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2006


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