Lardera introduces new Travel Pour Over coffee

New Pour Over Singles from Lardera Coffee Roasters brew 12oz of coffee, 50% more than similar products. They fit any mug and contain perfectly-sized grounds that are nitrogen flushed to retain freshness. Simply place the Single atop a cup and pour hot water to enjoy great coffee anywhere.

Lardera’s packets make great coffee portable, to be enjoyed anywhere that life takes you. Weighing just one ounce, they are ideal for camping, vacations, or any other place where you’d like good coffee. They are quick and easy to use and offer a perfect reprieve for when you’re pressed for time but still desire a quality cup.

Lardera’s packets contain 20 grams of ground coffee enclosed in a portable paper filter and a cardboard bracket that fits any cup. The grounds are nitrogen flushed to prevent flavor loss, helping them retain fresh taste and aroma. They produce 12oz of delicious coffee, 50% more than similar products. They also fit the cup better, with three points of contact versus the two for competing products, and sit higher on the cup to avoid over-extraction.

Lardera’s Pour Over Singles went on sale this month at a price of $9 for a box of 8 packets.  They offer a convenient means of enjoying pour-over coffee at home and an easy process to brew fresh coffee when traveling.

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