Costa Rica hosts first private auction on 24 June

Exclusive Coffees, based in Costa Rica, and Sensible Development, based in the United Kingdom are partnering to celebrate the Purpose, Passion and Patience of coffee producers in Costa Rica.

This is the first ever private auction from Costa Rica. The auction, operating on the Sensible Development auction platform, will be held on Thursday, 24 June 2021. It will be an auction of special nanolots.

This auction provides market access for all the coffee producers and their families managed by Exclusive Coffees, which provides milling, quality assurance and exporting services to these producers.

“In a collective approach with our Q-grading team and boutique coffee producers, we have organised this private auction, focused on purely aromatic and complex varietals; giving a rebirth to our genetic heritage, stimulating our coffee communities of consumers to the tasting of this exclusive varietal selection” said Francisco A Mena, Exclusive Coffees, Costa Rica. “We invite you to join us and thank you for your continuous support to our country and coffee families!”

The auction will contain coffees with cupping scores of 88+ which have been cupped and audited independently. There will be 40 coffees for auction, split into Classic and Exotics coffees, each of quantities of 1-4 boxes (50 lbs).

Key information for this auction:

• The auction will take place on Thursday, 24 June 2021.
• Lot size: 1-4 boxes x 50.7 lbs each (all vacuum packed).
• Up to 40 lots will be available through the auction.
• 4 processes: Natural, Honey, Anaerobic & Washed.
• Lots of a single variety.
• 88 + cupping score.
• Coffees will be judged and selected by a panel of three Q Graders, under the observation of three independent producers.
• The cupping process will be regulated through third-party auditing and sample coding, with the presence of three Observing Coffee Producers, which will guarantee traceability and transparency from sample to shipment.
• Exclusive Coffees will keep supporting, sponsoring and participating as an active member in ACE in the annual Cup of Excellence Costa Rica Auction.

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