Peet’s Coffee Debuts Fog-Inspired Blended Beverages

Peet’s Coffee’s announced the launch of a blended-beverage lineup, which features: Coconut Cold Brew Fog, Honey Black Tea Fog, Wildberry Hibiscus Tea Fog, Green Tea Tropical Tea Fog, and Matcha Tea Fog. Though launching in time for summer, the offerings will be added to the permanent Peet’s menu. The frothy beverages also build on the brand’s heritage of tea and represents its continued commitment to handcrafted drinks.

“After last year’s success, Peet’s Coffee is excited to debut new offerings under the unique Fog umbrella that feature simple, coffee and tea forward ingredients,” says Patrick Main, beverage innovator, Peet’s Coffee, Emeryville, California. “A half century of handcrafted credentials means that these cold brew and tea-based fog beverages are not only super smooth and refreshing but also visually appealing, with dreamy cascades that bring to mind the San Francisco Bay Area’s infamous fog.”

The colourful beverages are all handcrafted with pure and simple ingredients, which means the Peet’s Fog line features flavour without all the calories — starting as low as 90 calories and all under 200. Available as of 23 May, the following offerings have joined Cold Brew Fog as permanent beverages across Peet’s coffee bars:

• Coconut Cold Brew Fog (USD $3.50 – $4.75): Peet’s signature bold, juicy Baridi Blend blended with a hint of tropical coconut and poured over ice for a bright, slightly sweet cup.
• Honey Black Tea Fog (USD $3.05 – $4.15): Black tea with a hint of honey and a touch of tart lemonade. Blended and served over ice.
• Wildberry Hibiscus Tea Fog (USD $3.20 – $4.15): Floral and tart, an herbal infused berry flavour paired with lemonade and honey. Blended for a lush pour.
• Green Tea Tropical Tea Fog (USD $3.05 – $4.15): Tropical green tea combined with a dash of honey and lemonade and blended for a refreshing cup.
• Matcha Tea Fog (USD $3.15 – $4.25): Creamy and vibrant Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea is lightly blended with honey and lemonade for a frothy, invigorating cup.

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