Taiyo Introduces Sunphenon Instant Teas

Tea is the most popular drink in the world — and products with tea ingredients are on the increase worldwide. But the preparation of tea can be challenging, since it requires a careful balance of tea dosage, water temperature and brewing time. With this in mind, ingredients specialist Taiyo GmbH is introducing Sunphenon Instant Teas, which allow manufacturers to create tea-based products with valuable health benefits and a full tea flavour.

According to the Schwelm, Germany-based company, the instant teas contain all the beneficial tea ingredients in their natural ratios. Being free from pesticides, heavy metals, BaP/PHA and other potentially harmful residues, the fine powders can be used in high-quality products. The Sunphenon Instant Teas include: black, green and white tea, oolong, matcha and pu-erh variants.

Using a solvent-free, double water infusing brewing process with 1 kilogramme of tea leaves to every 20 litres of water, the Taiyo instant tea extracts contain far higher levels of amino acids and polyphenols than could be achieved by traditional tea brewing at home. The result is a highly soluble powder suitable for hot, cold and ice-cold water that always delivers the perfect concentration for a round, full-flavoured tea taste without any bitterness.

The tea extracts can be readily combined with sweeteners and different flavourings and packed in sticks or jars. Alternatively, they have been developed to be used for manufacturing tea-based RTD beverages or added as ingredients in a wide range of other applications, ranging from dairy products and desserts to confectionery and more items with premium positionings. There is also potential for use in dietary supplements and sports or wellness drinks as instant teas can be the base, as well as offering added health benefits. Special concepts with effervescents also show how it is possible to turn daily vitamin, mineral or Q10 supplementation into a delicious drink that’s a treat rather than a chore.

Additionally, combining Sunphenon tea extracts with Sunfiber, Taiyo’s soluble fiber developed from the guar bean, creates an instant, fiber-enriched tea drink that makes adding fiber to the daily diet easy and delicious.

Founded in 1946, Taiyo GmbH manufactures functional ingredients for the food, beverage, medical food and pharmaceutical industry. Taiyo focuses on the development of ingredients derived from natu¬ral sources to support health. Today, Taiyo manufactures more than 2000 food formulations, processed eggs, fruit preparations, fla¬vourings, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and functional ingredients at various manufacturing facilities around the world. With its Research and Application Competence Centre (Taiyo RACE), Taiyo is able to create new and innovative formulations based on its most recent studies.

For further information on Taiyo and its functional ingredients, please visit www.taiyogmbh.com.

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