Colombian Coffee production increased 25% in November

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) announced that coffee production surged 25% in the month of November, registering nearly 1.7 million bags (60-kilograms each). Production in November 2015 reached 1.3 million bags.

Colombia, the world’s largest producer of mild washed Arabica coffee, produced a total of 14.4 million 60-kilo bags during the past twelve months (December 2015-November 2016). This represented a 4% increase compared with the 13.8 million bags produced during the year-ago period.

Year-to-date production (January-November 2016) grew 2% to more than 12.9 million 60-kilo bags.

The Bogotá-based FNC reported that Colombian coffee exports registered nearly 1.3 million 60-kilo bags in November 2016. This entailed a 12% increase compared with the 1.1 million bags exported during November 2015.

During the past 12 months (December 2015-November 2016), coffee exports slipped 0.5%, to 12.5 million 60-kilo bags, versus 12.6 million bags sold in international markets during the prior-year period.

Between January and November 2016, Colombian coffee exports dropped 2%, to 11.3 million bags (60-kg each), from 11.5 million bags in the year-ago period.

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