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Retail Review: Products Showcase

How products are presented can make all the difference, and today’s equipment manufactures are well aware of this. To follow are a few new items ranging from expandable coffee kiosks to tamper-resistant faucets - and each one was designed to foolproof your product showcase.

Carlisle’s Coldmaster® Milk Container
Carlisle FoodService Products has launched its new Coldmaster® Milk Container. This attractive black container is perfect to use with automatic feed Espresso Machines or as a separate satellite unit, says the company. Just freeze the Coldmaster® unit overnight (or eight hours) and it is ready to use. The container keeps milk or other dairy products at or below the required 40°F for up to 8 hours, states the company. This is accomplished by Carlisle’s Coldmaster® system which uses a non-toxic refrigerant gel that eliminates the inconvenience and mess of ice and reduces the potential of bacteria.

The Coldmaster® Milk Container is available in gallon (#CM1019) and half-gallon (#CM1018) sizes and works with packaged dairy products or with dairy product placed directly into the unit. The#CM1019 holds four quarts, two half-gallons, or one gallon container, and the #CM1018 holds two quarts or one half-gallon container. All units are made of dishwasher safe, high-impact plastic, NSF listed, and include removable lids.

Carlisle FoodService Products, P.O. Box 53006, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-3006. Tel: (405) 528-3011, Fax: (405) 528-6338.

Douwe Egberts Has Two Ways to Attract Customers
Douwe Egberts has unveiled its Cafitesse® Specialty Coffee Beverage cart.

The cart has a colorful, 5-foot-wide umbrella and distinctive graphics that attract customers, says the company. It also features large molded side handles and casters that make it easy to move and a 30-ft. power cord that makes connecting to a power source more convenient. The cart’s under-counter compartment can hold up to 20 gallons of water and contains a built-in water pump. The Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Specialty Coffee Beverage System provides the coffee. It’s a high-volume system that makes specialty coffee beverages in seconds using the company’s frozen liquid coffee concentrate and Cafe-Lait milk, says the company. It can make cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, and regular coffee.

The company has also unveiled its new Brew House Café, which allows operators to use their Cafitesse® Coffee System in just about any location. It has attractive, eye-catching graphics and features the Brew House Café housing, adjustable cup dispensers, a condiment tray, menu/pricing graphics, vinyl numbers and letters to indicate pricing, and complete installation instructions and hardware.

Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems, 950 Supreme Drive, Bensenville, Illinois 60106. Tel: (630) 238-1414, Fax: (630) 238-1427.

Coffee Combined With the Written Word
Aaron Souza, president of Ready Notes, has announced the introduction of Cappuccinotes, a greeting card line in which each card comes with a pre-affixed, first class postage stamp: Cappuccinotes. A division of Ready Notes, Cappuccinotes caters specifically to the café experience with images relating to coffee and tea.

“In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are looking for ways to save time,” says Souza. “Ready Notes provides customers the ultimate convenience by offering them a quality note card without the hassle of having to look for postage stamps.”

The company offers a full selection of original artwork, photographs, seasonal images, and custom note card displays, allowing customers the option of mailing their cards on their own or directly from the purchase location.

Ready Notes, P.O. Box 73464, Davis, California 95617. Tel: (888) 775-1100, Fax: (530) 750-3585.

Tomlinson’s Foolproof Faucets
Tomlinson Industries, in an effort to make bottled water dispensing safer than ever, has developed its TouchGuard® faucet line.

The new line of faucets are tamper- and child-resistant, requiring a two-step action to control dispensing: the faucet must be pushed in and then pushed down for water to be dispensed. Touch Guard is available on all HFS® Series faucets and for added safety, comes in three colors: red for hot, blue for cold, and white for ambient. Existing HFS faucets can easily be converted to “TouchGuard” by replacing the upper assembly (no tools required), states the company.

Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44125-1992. Tel: (216) 587-3400, Fax: (216) 587-6192.

Java Scoop Coffee Kiosk
The Java Scoop is a new ready-to-operate coffee kiosk that can serve coffee, espresso-based drinks, snacks, and smoothies.

The Modena food service kiosk, which is a fully equipped mobile kiosk, serves as the basic building block of the Java Scoop. The kiosk has electric and water supplies and features numerous storage areas; and for the display of retail accessories, it has a grid wall system to which shelves, baskets, pegs, hooks, and clips can be attached.

Other standard features include a plate girder construction for strength, durability, and mobility; a three compartment sink with faucet and hand spray; a hot water heater; a pump and accumulator to keep up water pressure; a fresh water supply; a water filtration system; a low water alarm; waste water tanks; a sneeze guard; and a GFI protected electrical system.

Optional features include a canopy, refrigerator, end wings that swing up, front shelf, cash drawer, lighting system, ice bin, security wrap, and custom graphics and signage. The kiosk can also be ordered with a built-in oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, or an ice maker.

Espresso Carts and Supplies, 429 United States Ave., Lindenwold, New Jersey 08021. Tel: (856) 629-2419, Fax: (856) 782-1775, E-mail: 74274.60@compuserve.com

Tea & Coffee - March 2000

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