AGRICOLA HIMALAYA S.A. – Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea

Calle 15 # 31a – 33
Valle del Cauca

Tel: +57 318 4720989

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We are tea Growers In the Andean mountains, in Bitaco, Colombia, surrounded by our nature reserve, hides a mystical tea garden where we grow tea of Colombian origin, unique, special and loose leaf. It all starts in our greenhouse where we germinate the best seeds, when they begin to grow we take care of them for more than eight months before taking them to our garden. In our plantation in Valle del Cauca, hidden behind the cloud forests, we sow and then harvest green, white and black tea of Colombian origin, this is picked by hand by our expert harvesters who select the buds with the most tender leaves to create unique flavors. After collecting the best leaves from our tea bushes, these leaves go to our plant where they go through processes of sorting, wilting, oxidation, drying, rolling, among others, to become the exquisite flavors that adorn your cup. In Bitaco we take care of the process from the nursery to the cup because we know that an excellent harvest depends on the mastery with which the planting is developed, that is why we not only create the most delicious signature mixtures, we are also tea growers, we are there from the moment the first tea leaf is born from our plants.

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