Expat. Roasters represents Indonesia at ASEAN Barista Team Championship

Expat. Roasters has announced that its team of baristas will be representing Indonesia in the ASEAN Barista Team Championship 2024, set to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 7-8 March 2024. The competition will be held at THAIFEX HOREC ASIA 2024, Impact, Muang Thong Thai, Bangkok, Thailand, and will feature a series of rounds including Elimination, Quarter-Semi Final, Semi Final, and Final Rounds.

Expat. Roasters will be represented by Yande J Wirawan, I Putu Mahendra Putra, Paula Adinda Agustina Saputri Ngouth, and Dinda Ayu Rizki, as they showcase their expertise, craft, and creativity in various coffee beverage categories such as Long Black, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Piccolo Latte, Filter Coffee, and more, including the creation of signature beverages.

Under the guidance of Yande J Wirawan, Expat. Roasters training manager & brand ambassador, and the leadership of Shae Macnamara, Expat. Roasters founder and CEO, the team is poised to demonstrate their skills under pressure.

“The competition is designed to reproduce the pressure of what happens behind the espresso bar and how Baristas must work as a team to deliver three things that matter to customers; fast service and excellent presentation whilst maintaining quality and accuracy. It’s a colourful and energetic display of talent from some of the world’s best Baristas,” said Yande.

Macnamara commented, “We are incredibly proud to have our baristas represent Indonesia at the ASEAN Barista Team Championship 2024. This event not only showcases their exceptional skills but also highlights the quality and innovation that Expat. Roasters stands for. We wish our team the best of luck in the competition.”

Their participation in the ASEAN Barista Team Championship 2024 not only aims to elevate the reputation of Indonesian baristas and coffee brands on the global stage but also serves as a platform to further enhance the skills of Expat. Roasters baristas.

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