Nespresso Professional adds Brazil to its Origins range

Nespresso Professional has launched a Brazil Organic capsule, a new pure Arabica blend developed exclusively to complement the existing Origins Organic range, that is now available.

The new Brazil capsule joins flavours from Peru, Congo, and Colombia as an addition to the collection. All four professional Origins Organic coffees are ‘Made with Care’ and sourced from carefully selected regions within their respective countries. They’re cultivated, harvested, and processed using methods endorsed by local farmers each echoing the land its grown on, the farming practises and the care given in its sourcing.

The Brazilian Organic coffee is a pure Arabica blend with sweet notes from its origin. Many Arabica beans take inspiration from the savannahs of the Cerrado Mineiro region, which gives the light hint of toasted grain and cereal, whereas others are from the hilltop plantations in Brazil’s southern Minas Gerais state, as well as São Paulo estates. This blend creates a smooth and mild coffee flavour, creating a unique profile for customers.

Nick Stevens, B2B commercial director, UK & ROI, said, “We’re excited to announce the latest addition of Brazil Organic to the Origins Organics collection. This allows our customers to continue to add another taste profile to the range of flavours and experiences already being provided to businesses and their customers.

“Organics are a proof point on our journey towards regenerative agriculture which is our long-term ambition. We hope our customers will enjoy the unique taste of this exceptional new organic coffee, which represents the diversity of the Brazilian terroir.”

Nespresso Professional are cultivating the organic experience, having launched their first blend in 2020. Since then, over 4.8 million organic capsules have been sold to hotels and businesses across a variety of industries, providing them with quality organic coffee.

Nespresso Professional are continuing to meet demand from customers to ensure products are not only the highest quality but are produced using natural substance and processes.

The Organic collection promotes farming practices based on natural and mechanical cycles such as soil cover, compost, and biocontrol, alongside reducing the use of chemical inputs.

Cultivated as part of Nespresso’s AAA programme, the beans for the organic’s ranges are produced with the utmost care following Nespresso’s best practices and strict organic cultivation methods. This level of care adds to the richness of the stories, instilling pride and taking steps towards a more sustainable future for all of us.

Nespresso Professional customers can add the new Brazil Organic capsule to their orders now: Brazil Organic Coffee Capsule Box | Origins | Nespresso Pro™.

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