Traditional Medicinals receives Good Housekeeping award

Traditional Medicinals, a botanical wellness company rooted in herbal medicine, ethical sourcing, and sustainability standards, has announced that Throat Coat Tea was named a winner in Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Kitchen Gear, Coffee & Tea Awards. The full list of awards can be found here.

Throat Coat Tea is a herbal tea blend that supports throat health and relieves irritation and discomfort. Crafted by a team of herbalists, chemists, and ethnobotanists, this tea harnesses the benefits of the slippery elm tree, which has played an important role in Native American herbal medicine for hundreds of years. Inspired by its traditional use, Traditional Medicinals has sourced slippery elm domestically for almost 50 years from Appalachia, where families collect the bark sustainably by hand to protect the trees for future generations. Featuring organic licquorice root alongside the organic slippery elm bark, this tea is silky, sweet, and caffeine-free, says the company.

“Warm liquids can be soothing, and this blend from Traditional Medicinals is designed to support throat health. It smells sweet and like licquorice. It’s also slightly woody. It’s organic, and the brand is B-corp certified,” said Good Housekeeping’s team of experts.

The team at Good Housekeeping spent months reviewing 300 kitchen, coffee, and tea products to determine the best of the best. The in-house team of Kitchen Appliance Lab analysts, Test Kitchen pros, and registered dieticians teamed up with judges Kaleena Teoh, the co-founder, and director of education at Coffee Project New York, and tea sommelier Gabrielle Jammal—plus more than 1,000 consumer testers—to find the most innovative, high-performing products on the market right now.

“We are thrilled that Throat Coat has received this well-deserved recognition. The dedicated experts at Good Housekeeping have wholeheartedly endorsed it as a warm, invigorating, and efficacious tea,” said Kristel Corson, Chief Marketing Officer of Traditional Medicinals. “Throat Coat has seamlessly woven itself into the daily rituals of countless individuals, be it as a soothing start to their mornings, a comforting companion to their bedtime routines, or an essential travel companion. Singers, announcers, podcasters, teachers, and a diverse range of professionals all rely on the soothing benefits of Throat Coat.”

Throat Coat tea is made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms for a healthier and more sustainable choice. It is individually wrapped and requires just boiling water to steep a restorative and delicious cup of tea. The herbs are thoroughly tested from field to cup to ensure ingredient identity, purity, and composition at our local renewable energy-powered facility in Sebastopol, California.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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