Equator launches four compostable espresso capsule flavours

Equator Coffees, the Marin, US-based B-Corp coffee roaster, has launched its newest product line – a collection of four organic certified, commercially compostable espresso capsules compatible with the Nespresso Original Line. The women-owned company is once again expanding its offerings to welcome consumers into the specialty coffee world, without compromising quality or sustainability.

“We waited until the technology was there to create a high quality, sustainable product for people who use these machines at home or at work,” said Equator Coffees’ director of coffee, Ted Stachura. “With these innovative commercially compostable capsules, we feel confident about offering an assortment of our certified coffees in a new convenient format.”

With the coffee-at-home revolution which began during the pandemic, many consumers have found convenient ways to make their daily cup at home – MRI Simmons estimates that 9.5 million Americans own a Nespresso Machine as of early 2023.

Equator’s goal is to make specialty coffee accessible and meet customers where they are, whether that is visiting our cafes, our wholesale partners, or brewing at home.

Equator has partnered with luxury hospitality customers like Hotel Drisco in San Francisco, CA, and Amangani in Jackson Hole, WY, part of Aman Resorts, who will offer these earth friendly capsules in their in room service portfolio, with more new partners on the way.

“After years of exploration and development, we are thrilled to launch a familiar, easy to use capsule offering that will resonate with both our discerning consumers and esteemed partners in the hospitality industry,” said Jesse Bladyka, Equator Coffees’ director of wholesale. “This new product reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, and we can’t wait to share this new and exceptional Equator Coffees experience.”

The four different coffees in the espresso capsule line-up represent classic Equator Coffees blends. Each recyclable carton comes with 10 certified commercially compostable capsules and is priced at USD$14 MSRP. They are available for purchase or subscribe and save at equatorcoffees.com.

  • Mocha Java | Origin: Ethiopia, Sumatra | Roast Level: Medium
    ○ A Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee blend with classic flavours of dark chocolate, almonds, and berries.
  • Jaguar Espresso | Origin: Peru, Ethiopia, Sumatra | Roast Level: Dark
    ○ A complex espresso blend of Organic and Fair Trade certified coffees with flavours of fruit, dark chocolate and spice.
  • French Roast | Origin: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sumatra | Roast Level: Dark
    ○ This Organic and Fair Trade certified blend is crafted with delicate smoky nuances while retaining sweetness and fruit-toned chocolate flavours.
  • Decaf Shakeout | Origin: Mexico (Chiapas & Oaxaca) | Roast Level: Medium Dark
    ○ A certified Organic coffee decaffeinated using the chemical free water processed
    method, with flavours of nectarine, milk chocolate, and roasted almond.

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