Remedy launches a kombucha energy drink

Kombucha brand, Remedy, has announced the launch of its new drink, Remedy Energy. Touted as providing the drinker energy without the crash or jitters that come from traditional sugar-laden artificial energy drinks.

Initially available in two flavours, Berry Blast and Tropical Twist, Remedy Energy offers fruity flavours and energy, without any of the sugar or artificial additions. Featuring all-natural ingredients, including green coffee bean and ginseng, each gluten-free and vegan-friendly drink contains 80mg of caffeine, which is the same caffeine hit as a typical cup of coffee.

The launch comes at a time when research illustrates that the UK sports and energy drinks market size increased by over 22% in 2022[1]. However, around a third of UK consumers who don’t drink energy drinks say that there should be a wider range of natural variants available – suggesting an opportunity for energy drinks made with all-natural ingredients[2].

Launched in Australia in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Emmet Condon, Remedy Kombucha has grown rapidly to be sold in a multitude of major UK grocery and high street retailers, as well as within boutique independent retailers and bars. Remedy is leading the growth of the kombucha category, expanding at nearly 70% year-on-year; it is also the clear market leader with >33% category share. A Remedy drink is sold every 2.5 seconds in the UK, with its delicious range of bold fruit flavours driving high repeat and loyalty levels.

Sold in the UK every 2.5 seconds in the UK, Remedy kombucha is crafted using Remedy’s 30-day brewing process. Meanwhile, Remedy Energy has the same caffeine levels of the big energy players in the market, but with natural ingredients. Plus, all the benefits of Remedy’s kombucha brew: live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids, with no sugar.

Ian Hadley, UK commercial director of Remedy Drinks, said, “Remedy’s incredible growth within the UK demonstrates a clear consumer appetite for healthier soft drinks. This, coupled with the rapid and sustained growth of the UK’s energy drinks market, has created an exciting opportunity for a natural, healthier energy drink alternative which our customers can feel good about drinking.

“The energy drink category is currently dominated by a range of drinks featuring excessive sugar and artificial ingredients. With three quarters of the population looking to reduce or avoid sugar in their diet[3], the demand for a variant like Remedy Energy has never been stronger.”

Both Energy flavours offer a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience with a sparkling, refreshing taste, packed with feel-good energy. Tropical Twist is made with fragrant notes of ripe mango and pineapple, while Berry Blast contains notes of juicy berries, ripe from the sun, providing a bold, fruity taste paired with clean caffeine from plant-powered ingredients for an all-round energy boost.

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