MartinBauer launches tea syrups for beverage customisation

MartinBauer, which specialises in tea and botanical ingredients for the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries, has launched a line of premium tea and botanical syrups for use in beverage applications. These syrups provide enhanced flavours and functionalities, and vibrant colors to a wide range of beverages, from lemonades and lattes to cocktails and beyond. They are free from artificial colours and flavours, as part of MartinBauer’s commitment to all natural beverage solutions.

Gerardo Santiago, vice president of beverage sales & marketing at MartinBauer, emphasised the importance of offering consumers a choice. “Customisation has transformed from an added luxury to the standard on menus. Our tea and botanical syrups not only deliver on authenticity and quality, but they also allow consumers the freedom to craft captivating creations through flavour pairings and functional options.”

MartinBauer’s newest collection consists of six syrups: Black Tea, Green Tea, Matcha, Butterfly Pea Flower, Hibiscus, and Energy Blend. Thoughtfully designed to be shelf-stable and concentrated, these syrups require just a single pump. This eliminates the need for intricate brewing processes, powder scooping, or the use of multiple ingredients.

Santiago commented on the syrups’ practicality, recognising the ever-present need for streamlined customisation in the fast-paced Foodservice Industry. He noted, “Operators are perpetually seeking ways to offer modifications without compromising on efficiency, as every second counts in this industry. Our product line offers choice for the consumer and ease of use for the operator. No more laborious scooping of consumer favourite Matcha. No more brewing of Butterfly Pea Flower to unlock its vibrant color. We are thrilled to introduce these syrups and inspire new and exciting beverage experiences.”

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