A sustainable and digital focus highlights Host Milan

Host Milan returns to the Italian city from 13-17 October at the Fiera Milano exhibition centre in Rho. More than 2,000 exhibitors are registered, 40 percent of which are international from 50 countries. The USA is among the most represented non-European areas alongside the traditional presence of European manufacturers, in particular from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK, as well as Turkey and China.

Below is a sampling of T&CTJ advertisers that will be exhibiting at Host Milan 2023.

Brambati SpA

Brambati will be present at the next edition of Host Milan 2023, in Hall 22 booth #P47-P57-R48-R58.

We will be there to introduce attendees to all the latest innovations and the new KL250 grinder, which joins the range of proven roller grinder, will be presented.

There will also be a preview of the new company video that will tell our story, enabling visitors to see our growth through totally different eyes.

We look forward to meeting our customers – both current and new – in Milan and, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us for any information. See you soon.

Brambati SpA

Codevilla (PV) Italy

Web: brambati.it

Host Milan: Hall 22, Booth #P47-P57-R48-R58

Image: Brambati



Cimbria A/S

Adding Value, from the Coffee Plant to the Roasted Bean

In the green coffee processing business, Cimbria is well-known for its high-performing and reliable equipment and turnkey solutions meeting the high-quality requirements for plants and end products. Cimbria equipment ensures highly precise cleaning, hulling, polishing, separation, grading, and sorting resulting in a very high purity of the final product, and very low levels of product waste, while preserving the characteristics and quality of the bean throughout the process.

Cimbria’s optical sorting solutions use advanced technology offering the highest accuracy with extreme precision. Experts with in-depth product knowledge and expertise in the most modern processing technology and plant design ensure optimum processing of coffee at low energy consumption. The innovative and user-friendly sorting solutions give customers full control throughout processing and drive their coffee production to new heights.

Cimbria A/S

Thisted, Denmark

Web: cimbria.com

Host Milan: Hall 22, Booth #R60

Image: Cimbria



Colombini Srl

ANGEL, Giant Inside.

As per our industrial grinders, ANGEL is a high-tech product, equipped with discs in tungsten carbide (hardness: 1300 Vickers) and very high precision adjustment with resolution of two microns and digital display of discs position; due to its solidity and high precision, it can produce batches of ground coffee in continuous cycle, with a capacity of 90-120 kg/h. The duration of the discs is in the order of 40-80 tonnes, depending on the fineness of the ground coffee.

ANGEL can also grind Turkish coffee, with cardamom too; in this case, the capacity is around 50 Kg/h.

It is useful in laboratories to repeat very similar results of our industrial grinders.

All the ANGELs are equipped with a cooling system by ventilation.

Seven different versions can be provided and the prices are all similar. The main difference is the power supply as the 220 volt single-phase version is also equipped with a variable speed drive.

The .LAB and .ST versions are equipped with a manual device that ensures, by means of a simple hand gesture, that the product exhaust duct remains cleaned inside every time a ground coffee package is filled.

The RTV.special and the RT.special are equipped with an automatic cleaning system for the exhaust duct, very helpful when working in a continuous cycle for several minutes/hours.

Colombini Srl

Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy

Email: [email protected]

Web: colombini.srl

Host Milan: Hall 22, Booth #N45-P46

Image: Colombini




Goglio Spa

Goglio’s innovative solutions for coffee presented at Host 2023

Goglio is a globally leading group in flexible packaging which designs and develops complete packaging systems providing laminates, valves and capsules, packaging lines and advanced services. Goglio has always been at the forefront of the coffee sector and will present some of the latest innovations for this sector at the Host fair in Milan at Pavillion 18, Booths F52 – F58 G51 – G57.

The Group’s solutions, which introduced the one-way degassing valve back in the late 1960s and today produces more than one billion units a year, now includes a wide range of coffee packaging systems to meet a variety of needs: from packages for coffee beans or ground coffee, characterised by high-barrier laminates which allow the most hermetic guarantee, to the first in the world capsule with degassing valve, which allows the outflow of gases naturally released by coffee, while at the same time preventing oxygen from entering.

Thanks to this innovative technology, roasted coffee can be packaged immediately, without having to wait for the degassing process to be completed. The capsule also stands out for its exceptional brewing quality, achieved through self-perforating lids that guarantee perfect compatibility with coffee machines. As a testament to Goglio’s focus on sustainability, the capsule is also available in the “100% compostable” (Industrial) version.

Goglio also introduced a line of green packaging for coffee, exclusively composed of mono-material – polyethylene or polypropylene – which provides excellent barrier properties to preserve the product and maintains the same level of machinability as conventional laminates.

Also on display at the fair will be the G14 CK, a reel-start packaging line that is optimal for granular, powder and products in pieces and allows for the packaging of 1kg packs of coffee beans in fully suitable for recycling mono-material packs in 100% polyethylene. The line also allows the application of Goglio’s one-way degassing valve and is equipped with connection to Goglio’s MIND Industrial Internet of Things remote monitoring system for real-time, 7-day-a-week, 24-hour monitoring of packaging lines. The latest release of Goglio MIND has been presented at the fair, together with the new fres-co SYSTEM®+, which allows direct connection between laminates and the packaging line.

Goglio Spa

Daverio (VA), Italy

Web: goglio.it/en/

Host Milan: Hall 18, Booth #F52 – F58 G51 – G57

Image: Goglio



IMA Coffee

The IMA Coffee Hub’s commitment to research into new sustainable projects and technologies is on show at HOSTMilano.

IMA Coffee Hub strives to answer the needs of the global coffee industry and engineer quality solutions to enhance the performance of its customers. To meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market, IMA Coffee Hub covers all aspects of the processing and packaging processes, from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions.

“The perfect balance of the IMA Coffee Hub will be visible at HOSTMilano. Starting from a classic-style product, the IMA Petroncini TTA60, the strongest roaster ever, up to the most sustainable and flexible solution for coffee roasting: the IMA Petroncini TMR roaster,” said Nicola Panzani, CEO at IMA Petroncini and sales director at IMA Coffee Hub.

“Also on show will be the TMR25 LAB, the perfect scale-down of IMA Petroncini industrial model, meant for lab purposes. TMR25 makes it possible to perform new roasting profiles, testing new blends and transferring the roasting parameters on the industrial roaster to launch the production. That’s possible thanks to Orchestra, the new roasting control applied on TMR models, capable of self-tuning the machine parameters, thus enabling the roasting technologist to achieve constant roasting results over time, especially for products such as pods and capsules,” Panzani said.

The TMR also uses just one burner as a heat generator and after burner to reduce carbon dioxide, NOx and VOC emissions. The heat recirculation allows, on average, 30 to 35 percent energy saving, compared to traditional roasters.

“Thanks to OPENLab, we can analyse new sustainable and innovative materials such as compostable, paper-based, or ultra-thin film, before they are commercially available,” said Alessandro Nobili, head of product and project management at IMA Coffee | Packaging Solutions.

At HOSTMilano, IMA will be presenting the latest projects developed at IMA OPENLab alongside the new SB1 LAB, an extremely compact rotary machine for the filling and sealing of single capsules, and the SR4N, designed for medium production volumes. Every filler from the IMA Coffee portfolio can handle all types of capsules, whatever material they are made of, be it compostable materials, aluminium, or plastic.

IMA Coffee

Web: ima.it/coffee.

Host Milan: Hall 22P, Booth #K47-K57 L48-L58

Image: IMA Coffee





Syntegon is very excited to have the PMX packaging machine to bring to the coffee market. The PMX can be used for ground coffee and whole beans and can also accommodate different packaging formats thanks to fast changeover times. A modular concept enables manufacturers to react quickly to fluctuating market requirements and customer needs. Along with its undeniable flexibility, the PMX simultaneously fulfils modern requirements with respect to sustainability and digitalisation. Moreover, the new digital solution Synexio Empower offers cost savings through condition monitoring by optimising energy and material consumption.

With the PMX, different bag variants and closure elements can be combined along with different sealing options, like full-corner-sealing, which allows for perfect shelf appearance. Therefore, specific customer requirements can be realised, while also achieving efficient output. For example: the PMX can pack up to 65 packages of 500 grams of whole coffee beans per minute. The machine can accommodate an output of up to 100 packages per minute through its double tube version. During the packaging process, if the bag cross-section format is changed, the machine will be ready for use again after just 30 minutes. It is therefore suitable for small, medium, and large packaging formats.

The PMX produces coffee bags with package weights between 200 and 1200 grams, both with upright and downfolded top parts. The bags are resealable via tin tie, labels, or adhesive tape. If required, manufacturers can use an innovative spout closure through which the coffee beans are emptied out at the packaging side – a convenient feature, especially for end users. This ‘neutrafill’ process, in which the coffee is gas-flushed before and during the packaging process, ensures aroma protection.

Syntegon Technology is a leading global process and packaging technology provider. The company, headquartered in Waiblingen, Germany has been offering complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for over 50 years. The portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone machines, along with complete systems and services. In the food industry, the portfolio includes process technology for confectionery, as well as packaging solutions for dry foods, frozen foods, bakery items, and dairy products.


Waiblingen, Germany

Web: syntegon.com/solutions/food/coffee-packaging-machine

Image: Syntegon




Teepack Gmbh

Tradition, improved upon!

In the tea business, Constantas are famous machines, providing their owners with a lot of prestige and profit. Now, the new interpretation successfully continues this legacy by using a simple formula: German reliability with global flexibility.

The new version keeps the traditional strengths of the proven Constanta by being a simple and reliable machine, working even under the harshest of conditions. A lot of them are still performing satisfactorily, even after more than 60 years of service. These strengths seem to have hit a mark since its first delivery in 1949, with over 2,500 machines sold all over the world. This is a tradition worth keeping, so we continue to completely design and build our machines at our headquarter in Germany.

Now, it was time to improve upon these strengths and to make the machine ready for the 21st century and the modern customer. We therefore equipped the new Constanta with modern knotting technology, a faulty bag ejection, and a hygienic design.

However, most important is the addition of one more feature: the ability to be configured into over 1,000 variants. Two speed versions, two bag sizes, various removal options and all current envelope types can be combined freely to exactly meet the customer’s requirements.

This modularity is unique in the market and provides the customer with the necessary flexibility to be successful in the fast-changing world of today.

We are happy to report that these new capabilities are already appreciated by the market. Our trusted customers are happy with the new interpretation of this proven concept. And new customers all over the world are starting fresh chapters in their development.

Teepack Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co KG

Meerbusch, Germany

Email: [email protected]

Web: teepack.com

Image: Teepack

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