illycaffè launches new communication campaign

illycaffè is launching a new communication campaign with the international actress, Matilda De Angelis, as its brand ambassador, which will be shown in Italy, the US and UK.

Designed in collaboration with IPG Coffee Table, realised by the production house, Think Cattleya, and directed by the Danish director, Martin Aamund, the campaign, which will air starting on 18 September, revolves around a key concept, “Quality loves details”, and showcases an exceptionally high-quality coffee made unique by the careful attention to every single detail, from selection of the coffee beans to the final sip.

The campaign details the journey of illy coffee and begins in the illy lab in Trieste, where among manuscripts, sacks of coffee, and botanical illustrations, Matilda De Angelis welcomes the viewer, guiding them along a voyage to discover all the details that make illy unique. Scene after scene, the viewer travels from the coffee bean to the cup, from the coffee plantation to the illy café, discovering the various necessary components to make excellent coffee, beginning with the first fundamental step: selection. This process begins in the plantation, where only 1% of the best Arabica beans from over 30 countries worldwide are grown, and continues in the illy laboratory, where only the flawless coffee beans are selected to create the blend.

This attention to detail is the thread that runs through the campaign, with a focus on illycaffé’s maxim: “a tireless, daily search for quality all along the value chain, from the producer to the consumer.’

“I am delighted to be the protagonist of the new illy campaign, a brand with which I share the passion for aesthetic research and attention to details that make the difference. I am a perfectionist and every day I work to continue improving myself,” explained international actress, Matilda De Angelis.

“Quality Loves Details” describes the desire to offer people a superior quality coffee through illy’s obsession for details: selection in the first place, regenerative agriculture, the pressurisation of the cans that protects and preserves the coffee’s aromas over time, and finally the illy cup, designed by Matteo Thun to enhance and valorise the purity of the espresso.

The campaign begins by taking the viewer to an illy plantation, and continues in a lab, with rows of coffee beans geometrically arranged on a workbench, where the process to select and balance the nine varieties of Arabica coffee that comprise the unique illy blend takes place. Finally, the viewer is taken to an illy café, where a barista offers a cup of coffee to Matilda De Angelis, who takes a sip and reveals to the viewer: “quality loves details.”

“From selecting the very best beans to our revolutionary, patented preservation system and coffee cups designed specifically to enhance the coffee’s flavours: here at illy, our attention to detail is the measure of the passion and love we put into things,” said Cristina Scocchia, CEO of illycaffè. “The goal of this campaign is to give a face to the most painstaking and important aspects we attend to everyday behind the scenes to offer our coffee to our customers, and we are happy to do so with Matilda De Angelis”.

The communication campaign will run in several different formats: digital ads on asset displays and videos, 30-second and 15-second TV ads and print ads.

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