Erwin Mierisch appointed executive director for COE and ACE

The Cup of Excellence (COE) and the Alliance For Coffee Excellence (ACE) announce that Erwin Mierisch will take over the helm of both organisations as their executive director beginning 14 August 2023.

Erwin stood out among dozens of candidates and underwent vigorous screenings over a 3-month period. His vast knowledge of the global coffee industry, having been a coffee buyer, roaster, producer and exporter is a perfect match for a leadership position that demands understanding and versatility.

“As a coffee producer I have seen first-hand the benefits that COE and ACE have brought to the countries and to the farmers. My goal is to expand those benefits but also to make certain that companies are successful with their support,” explained Erwin. “I am proud to be the new executive director and will be reaching out to all of our country partners, supporters and members to find new and innovative ways to increase our vast reach, our mission and our valuable partnerships,” he continued. “There is no other programme that does as much as COE for unique coffees.”

Erwin’s rich history with Cup of Excellence began in 2002 with onboarding the first Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. Since then, he has been its operations manager, a skilled head judge, a trainer, and a winning Cup of Excellence farmer. He was also involved and helped coordinate the Los Favoritos Private Collection Auction.

Tim Taylor, chairperson of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence explained that, “Erwin has been a firm believer and staunch supporter since the early days. He wears the passion for its mission on his sleeve and is devoted to its success. I’m eager to see where he leads the two organisations.”

Noelia Villalobos, chairperson of The Cup of Excellence organisation also indicated that, “With first-hand experience and skill in all aspects of Cup of Excellence and with an empathy for coffee producers, the programme will be in good hands. We are grateful that he is willing to invest his long coffee history and expertise in developing an exciting future.”

The Cup of Excellence is a 501c3 non-profit organisation that owns and manages an annual multi-level competition in coffee producing countries. Since 1999 it has discovered remarkable coffees, micro regions no one knew existed and brought international fame to individual farmers. It has single handedly advanced hand-crafted single farm specialty coffees and assured transparency back to the farmers that produce these rare coffees. Its educational programmes, focusing on the sensory aspects of top-quality coffees, have been taught worldwide. Over its 23-year history it has held competitions in 15 coffee producing nations.

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