Pure Leaf Iced Tea launches lower sugar alternative

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is collaborating with actress and singer, Coco Jones, for its campaign to promote its Pure Leaf Sugar Iced Tea. The US campaign is based around the idea of saying “no,” building on last year’s “Subtly Sweet Hotline,” which featured Coco on-call to help fans build boundaries by saying “no” to things that don’t deserve their time, says the company. This year, Coco appears in “As Seen on Pure Leaf” – an “in-faux-mercial” promoting the power of a “subtly sweet” “no” inspired by Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Tea.  The new beverage is made with only 5g of sugar, which is 85% less sugar than Pure Leaf’s Sweet Tea offerings, and no artificial flavours, tea powders, or concentrate.

The “As Seen on Pure Leaf” in-faux-mercial turns the classic infomercial on its head, by rejecting the overly-polished format. Viewers are directed to visit www.GetSubtlySweet.com until 8 May to enter for a chance to win a free bottle of Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Tea. A further 260 viewers could win a “Subtly Sweet Suggester” – a miniature Pure Leaf Subtly Sweet Iced Tea bottle that, when gently shaken, will reveal subtly sweet sayings to help you navigate your daily “nos,” says the company.

To view the in-faux-mercial click here, which will also air on Coco’s TikTok channel, @CocoJones and on the Peacock Streaming Service.

“Working with Pure Leaf on the ‘Subtly Sweet Hotline’ last year was both incredibly fun and fulfilling,” said Coco Jones. “I can’t wait for our fans to see this year’s twist on the subtly sweet ‘no’ – and I hope it will, once again, help people to build boundaries with a new sense of confidence. This pressure to always respond to others with sweetness – even when it doesn’t feel right – makes it tricky to prioritise our own needs and wants in life. I’m excited for ‘As Seen on Pure Leaf’ to help change that narrative and offer a balance between being sweet and staying true to ourselves.”

“Coco’s infectious personality and natural aura of confidence made her the perfect in-faux-mercial host for ‘As Seen on Pure Leaf,’” said Julie Raheja-Perera, general manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership. “The tongue-in-cheek in-faux-mercial style of this spot is the perfect platform to promote our real brewed Subtly Sweet line of Lower Sugar Iced Teas. It can be hard to say ‘no’ in the face of pressure to be extra sweet – in tea and in life. With this campaign, we hope to help individuals find the confidence to say ‘no’ with fun, subtly sweet ways to communicate that message.”

Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Teas launched under the umbrella of Pure Leaf’s ongoing “No is Beautiful” platform in 2022, which highlights Pure Leaf’s commitment to saying “no” both in tea and in life. Pure Leaf’s tea masters brew the Lower Sugar Iced Teas using tea leaves picked at their freshest. Each 18.5 fl. oz bottle of Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Tea contains 20 calories and comes in three flavours — Subtly Sweet, Subtly Sweet Peach and Subtly Sweet Lemon. To learn more about Pure Leaf Lower Sugar Iced Tea and the “Subtly Sweet Suggester,” follow @PureLeaf on social.

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