Artisan Coffee Co. launches its first half-caf coffee

UK-based, Artisan Coffee Co., has launched The Libra, the brand’s first whole bean half-caf coffee, that delivers on flavour but with half the caffeine, designed for the afternoon brew in mind.

Developed by Ashley Palmer Watts, co-founder and former Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, Ashley’s intention for The Libra is to change the perception of the best time to drink coffee.

After research revealed that 90% of coffee consumed at home was before 1pm, with tea often consumed throughout the afternoon, Ashley noticed a demand to create a coffee that could be enjoyed throughout the afternoon and evening (without the worry of losing sleep or consuming too much caffeine).

The Libra combines 50% of Swiss water decaffeinated beans and 50% of Artisan’s caffeinated speciality bean blend. The decaffeination process is chemical free, using only water and temperature to gently filter out the coffee without diluting the coffee’s original characteristics.

As a 50/50 balance between caffeinated and decaf coffee, The Libra can be drunk throughout the day, bridging the gap between the caffeinated and decaffeinated brew.

The new bold half-caf delivers notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, says the company. Further, Artisan Coffee Co.’s Aromax50 process allows for the blended beans to settle into their  balanced flavours before they are sealed to lock in the aroma.

The Libra is available to purchase in both Pod and Whole Bean form, via the Artisan Coffee Co. website, with an RRP of £11.75 per Whole Bean Bag, and for a limited time, £9.99 for Nespresso compatible Pods.

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