PerfectTed matcha energy drink launches in Tesco

The first UK-based energy drink to win a Great Taste Award, PerfectTed Matcha Energy Drinks are available in three unique flavour combinations, combining matcha green tea, lightly sparkling water and real fruit juice. The range includes:

  • Matcha Green Tea Energy– Pear Ginger: This all-natural energy drink contains juicy pear with a satisfying zing of ginger
  • Matcha Green Tea Energy – Apple Raspberry (Great Taste Award winner): Fresh-pressed green apples mixed with tart raspberries
  • Matcha Green Tea Energy – Pineapple Yuzu: PerfectTed has blended citrusy yuzu with pineapple for a refreshing experience

Founders Marisa, Teddie & Levi met at Ivy League college, University of Pennsylvania, and they all worked in finance upon graduating; demanding jobs and long hours meant they became reliant on coffee and energy drinks. But after the highs, came the jitters, anxiety and crashing lows, particularly for Marisa who manages ADHD and anxiety. They needed more from their pick-me-ups, so they turned to the superfood matcha, a powdered green tea offering longer-lasting, anxiety-reducing energy. They were obsessed. Wanting people to feel as great as they did, Teddie, Levi and Marisa created the most convenient way to consume matcha.

Teddie was Head Boy at school in London, a college athlete at UPenn, on track to go into pro football when he forwent a spot at Harvard Law to pursue his start-up dream, and so, his nickname, “Perfect Ted”, was the natural moniker for the friends’ new business.

PerfectTed was created with a mission to transform the energy industry with delicious drinks, using simple, 100% natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or added sugar, just all-natural energy. Powered by organic, ceremonial grade matcha, an antioxidant-rich, Japanese matcha green tea, PerfectTed contains 80mg caffeine (equivalent to a Red Bull or small cup of coffee) and a more enduring and stable energy source.

Caffeine from green tea lasts 4-6 hours, versus 1-2 hours from coffee or other energy drinks; the l-theanine in matcha regulates the absorption of caffeine into the body, helping to avoid the jitters and post-caffeine crash, it also stimulates the production of serotonin, dopamine and alpha brain waves, which help you feel less anxious and more relaxed; matcha is rich in antioxidants, and has one of the highest concentrations of any plant-based food (50x that of spinach); the combination of l-theanine and caffeine is scientifically proven to improve focus.

Tesco buyer, Libby Lee, says, “We’re proud to announce the launch of PerfectTed Matcha Energy Drinks at Tesco in our Meal Deal and as a Multipack. We’re excited to partner with PerfectTed in growing the natural energy category with a range of delicious drinks that put functionality and health first.”

Marisa Poster adds, “PerfectTed is disrupting the high-growth energy drink market with an approachable brand and products that outperform on health, functionality, and flavour. We are thrilled to make matcha’s superfood properties and longer-lasting energy more accessible in Tesco’s iconic Meal Deal and in multipacks.”

PerfectTed is the exclusive matcha partner for leading hospitality brands (such as Joe & The Juice, Blank St Coffee and 92 Degrees) to help bring matcha lattes to their menus, quickly becoming the UK’s largest matcha brand as well as one of the UK’s fastest growing drinks brands. The team source their single origin, organic, ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan; this premium quality matcha has a sweet, umami flavour and bright green hue unlike poorer substitutes which can be bitter, grassy and insoluble. Find 30g pouches of matcha powder on the PerfectTed website (from £16), alongside a Matcha Starter Kit (£35), complete with 30g pouch, electric whisk, and stainless steel scoop.

PerfectTed offers the next generation in energy, with healthier, better-tasting, functional drinks, powered by matcha green tea; find it now at Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Zapp, Selfridges, M&S Mai Sushi Counters, Dunnes, major tech & finance offices, and find it in the Meal Deal fridges and drinks aisles of Tesco from February 2023.

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