DavidsTea Introduces Mocktail Teas

A recent Forbes survey of 1,005 US adults found that 6% of people cite drinking less alcohol as a top new year’s resolution for 2023. In fact, ‘Dry January’ – the practice of abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the year – has surged in popularity since its inception in 2013. However, many consumers are still looking to eliminate or cut down their alcohol intake this year. Whatever path they choose, there are many alcohol alternatives available these days that are delicious, lower in calories/sugar, and ‘hangover free’ — including Mocktail Teas.

Pursuant to this lifestyle trend, DavidsTea has created healthy, RTD alcohol-free teas filled with antioxidants, anti-aging and energy-boosting properties that don’t lead to the oh-so-despised hangovers. The Toronto, Ontario-based specialty tea brand has launched two ready-crafted mocktail teas; Gin & Tonic and La Vida Coco:

Gin & Tonic: Gin & Tonic tastes just like the classic version. Though the tonic (quinine) flavour was difficult to introduce, DavidsTea emulated it with a bit of lemon, licorice root and bitterness that comes from green tea. Prices range from USD $10.98 for 50 grams to $54.90 for 250 grams.
La Vida Coco: Has a sweeter taste from the coconut, goji berries and hibiscus. This blend also contains yerba maté, an herb which has been sipped for centuries because of its focus- and energy-boosting properties. Prices vary between $10.98 for 50 grams and $54.90 for 250 grams.

For more information, visit: davidstea.com/us_en/home/

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