Bridge Coffee Roasters launches direct to consumer offer for the first time

Bridge Coffee Roasters, the Cardiff and London-based, independent coffee roaster and wholesaler, who has been serving coffee to the catering industry since 1985, has announced a new a direct to consumer offering via

The move compliments its highly successful, wholesale offering that serves a variety of customers from independent coffee shops, larger chains and other hospitality venues such as hotels and restaurants including a bespoke white label service.

The foundation of the consumer offer mirrors the ethos of the business set up by Bernard Devenish over 35 years ago and is all about democratising premium coffee to more people than ever before at the click of a button.  The business is now run by Bernard’s sons Max and Darryl.

The offer focusses around ten coffees, created from responsibly sourced beans crafted from exclusive house blends and single variety options sourced from Peru, Brazil, Sumatra, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea and Columbia.

House blends combine several single-origin beans and are designed to create a complex but harmonious flavour profile. Single-origin blends are the product of one specific estate. The beans are harvested and processed alone to showcase each variety’s unique flavour.

All take the Bridge Coffee Roasters ‘know how’ to bring you the perfect cup for caffeine aficionados to novices alike.  Offering a variety of options from ground coffee or beans for the customer to grind themselves from the perfect grind for a smooth flat white to the ideal blend for that espresso, all designed to create the ultimate brew at home like a professional barista.  Starting from £9.00.

And for coffee at the touch of the button Bridge Coffee Roasters has also launched two specific blends in ‘pods’ that are compatible with most machines from £7.90 for 14.

To compliment the new offer, the website also carries a range of accessories from machines to grinders, kettles to scales, drippers to filters, in fact everything you could possibly need for that great tasting cup of coffee. 

A subscription service is also available taking the hassle out of re-ordering coffee and starts at £8.10.

“With the launch of we wanted to share our expertise and everything we love about coffee in a simple and easy to shop way.  If you are new to the world of specialist coffee, start with our house blends which have been expertly created using the highest-quality beans from multiple origins to bring you fresh new flavours.

“We also offer a range of monthly coffee subscriptions so you can treat yourself or a loved one to new delicious caffeine hits daily,” comments Max Devenish, commercial director.

He continues, “Alongside this, we are proud to offer a curated range of accessories and kits to help guide people wherever they are on their journey from coffee enthusiast to the coffee connoisseur.”

Bridge’s coffee is sourced from multiple regions including Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Papua New Guinea. Farms are specially chosen based on a few different factors; mutual understanding and respect for coffee; ethically grown coffee and good working conditions inside and outside of work.

Bridge Coffee Roasters make sure they help support chosen farms with their own initiatives, land and lifestyles.  More details of the company’s ethical promise can be found in notes to editors.

Bridge will continue to focus on its business to business offer in tandem with the consumer launch and is actively looking for more premium retail partners to take its ranges.

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