Danger Coffee launches new dark roast line

Dark mode isn’t just a setting; it’s a lifestyle. From your lock screen to your chocolate, fans of dark mode like to go all-in, and coffee is no different. Luckily, fans of dark roast coffee don’t need to wait any longer to get their hands the new dark roast blend by Danger Coffee.

Danger Coffee was created by the ‘Father of Biohacking’ and coffee connoisseur Dave Asprey (known for Bulletproof and the infamous ‘butter coffee’ trend). It is specially formulated through an innovative patent-pending process to replenish your body of minerals it desperately needs.

Danger Coffee Dark Roast has all the benefits of added micro-nutrients and electrolytes of its original medium roast, but with the rich and velvety flavours of baker’s chocolate, nougat, molasses, and smoky oak.

Perfect for espresso, lattes, cold brew, and anytime a richer tasting blend is desired, Danger Coffee Dark Roast is available in whole bean and ground for USD $24.95 per bag at Dangercoffee.com. Subscription options are also available for a lower cost.

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