Papua New Guinea joins IWCA Global Chapter Network

At a signing ceremony conducted live by Zoom on Thursday 31 March in Mt.Hagen, Western Highlands Province, the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) welcomed Papua New Guinea (PNG) as its 31st national chapter to join its global chapter network. Women in this country grow coffee and other food crops for food security and income to support their families’ living and education expenses. Environmental and social challenges in coffee cultivation are often exacerbated for women producers and can have significant economic implications.

The new PNG chapter represents 400,000 small-holder women farmers and will play a significant role in working to achieve greater equity for women and their families in their local communities, as well as, the global coffee supply chain.

“Today is a significant day in the history of PNG women coffee growers, their families, and others throughout the coffee value chain,” said IWCA Papa New Guinea executive officer, Catherine Pianga. “Producing and mobilising quality coffee in a sustainable way and making a real difference in the lives of women and youth remains at the heart of the chapter. Together we can weave a beautiful world where socio-economic constraints are minimized and where women are equally represented in all spheres and at all levels.”

IWCA chapters operate as independent organisations guided by the unique needs of their communities and are globally united by the shared mission to connect, empower, and advance women working in the coffee industry. IWCA Papua New Guinea has identified the following strategic objectives to guide its chapter efforts: 

  • Bring women together who work in the coffee supply chain and establish a network of productive partnerships.
  • Advocate for women-friendly and gender inclusive industry policy through awareness and community mobilisation. Increase participation by women stakeholders along the coffee value chain.
  • Target capacity enhancement for women on techniques for cultivation, milling, roasting and commercialising coffee.

Dr Sarada Krishnan, IWCA executive director, applauds the impact the PNG chapter has already accomplished and looks forward to supporting its continued success as part of the global chapter network. “IWCA exists to provide women working in the coffee industry access to programs and tools to help them achieve sustainable livelihoods.

“With over 400,000 small-holder women coffee farmers in PNG, this new chapter will be critical in addressing the needs of women coffee producers. I congratulate the chapter leadership for their vision of advancing women throughout the coffee supply chain and wish you great success.”

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