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The 2022 Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo, North America’s largest specialty coffee trade show, which also includes the US Coffee Championships, takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, 8-10 April. Below is a sampling of the many equipment, machinery and packaging suppliers that will be exhibiting their latest innovations at this year’s event. Don’t forget to come and say hi to T&CTJ there too, at Booth 1233. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

A/S Cimbria

Cimbria’s processing, handling and storage solutions

Cimbria is a global leading company within industrial processing, handling and storage of coffee, grain, seed, and food products.

We offer project design, engineering and process controls as well as development, manufacturing and service of customised systems and turnkey installations.

At the SCA Expo, Cimbria and its trusted dealer Bratney Co, will introduce the latest innovations of the coffee processing industry, with an entire range of cleaning, grading, optical sorting, handling and storage solutions.

Cimbria, an Expert at your side.

A/S Cimbria

Thisted, Denmark

Email: [email protected]

Web links:;

SCA Expo Booth #: 676


Brambati SpA

KL2-1500 fully automatic cardans roller grinder

The development of new machines more and more sustainable, with high performances and economically more competitive, requires a considerable effort from manufacturers. However, what might seem to be a problem, turns out, instead, as an opportunity to continue to improve the products range and develop new products.

Brambati introduces two new roller grinders models, among its range of grinding system, the smaller and compact ‘baby’ roller grinder KL150 and the huge KL1500. Model. As the other range of grinders, both can be at multiple grinding stages.

The KL150 grinder, specifically conceived to produce ground coffee for capsules, can be at 2 or 3 grinding stages, whilst the KL1500 model, developed to meet the demands of large productions in small spaces, can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 grinding stages, to be able to cover all ranges of particle sizes present in the worldwide market, including micronised coffee.

The KL1500 grinder can be semi-automatic or fully automatic too, and the transmission can be through cardans with independent motor for each roller or with belts, with one motorisation for all the grinding rollers. The level control can also be different, standard for the semiautomatic or at high automation for the fully automatic version.

The grinding technology and the precision of final particle size, regardless of the machine model, are always granted.

Our grinders can be checked by remote, thanks to the remote connection device placed inside the control panel and equipped with a set of option that can customise the machines according to the specific need of the customer.

Another very important point is that the whole machine has been designed and built according to ISO 14006 Ecodesign rules to reduce the environmental impact (wastes, energy consumption, emissions, spare parts) along its useful life.

Brambati SpA

Codevilla (PV), Italy


SCA Expo Booth #: 540



Our decaffeinated water process known as ‘Mountain Water’ has the following main advantages:

  • It is the best-tasting Water Decaf, best cup in the market.
  • It has a longer shelf life — it will keep its quality in green for a long period of time so there is no need to roast it as soon as you receive it.
  • It is easier to roast — it will behave more like regular green coffee during roasting.

We are certified Organic (NOP, EU, JAS, COR and SAGARPA regulations) and under the sustainability labels we are RFA, UTZ, FLO, FAIR TRADE USA and SMBC Bird Friendly certified. Additionally, our facilities are FSSC 22000 as well as Kosher and Halal certified.

Here is a link to Descamex´s YouTube channel:


Córdoba, Ver CP, Mexico


SCA Expo Booth #: 325


Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers)

Image: Cafe de Colombia

Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia. It is also the brand The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) created to promote their coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high-quality product. The FNC work as a non-profit organisation and since 1927 established itself as the largest rural NGO in the world that represents more than 540,000 Colombian coffee-growing families.

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

Bogotá, Colombia


SCA Expo Booth #: 1009


Fres-co System USA, Inc

G14 automatic form, fill and seal packaging machine

The G14 is a vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine with a retail finishing conveyor designed with concepts of unique flexibility and performance in mind. The G14 offers the convenience of a simple and quick changeover between sizes, and easy and smooth operation.

The colour touchscreen HMI provides easy access to all machine functions as well as a troubleshooting aid and reporting of production statistics. This equipment can be integrated with most fillers for dry applications and can be supplied with many optional features, including printers, labellers, and degassing valve applicator. The finishing conveyor is extended to allow for package trim, final seal, tin-tie reclosure application, top flap tape or label application as well as other features.

Our North American-based Packaging Equipment Technical Support Team will install and test the G14 and properly train operators and personnel to ensure optimal equipment performance.


Production speed: Up to 45 packages per minute*

Package Dimension Min: 60 – 155 mm

Package Dimension Max: 180 – 440 mm

*output varies with pouch or bag size and product filling characteristics

Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Telford, Pennsylvania, USA


SCA Expo Booth #: 909




iFillSystems™ enables coffee and tea companies of all sizes to compete in the growing USD $20B+ single-serve industry. Our proprietary iFillCup® technology allows our single-serve pods to hold more coffee and use finer grinds, to achieve specialty coffee standards in brewing a better cup than other single-serve pods on the market. Additionally, our pods and filters are be made from recyclable, BPA-free polypropylene.

We manufacture various sizes and speeds of filling equipment for our pods. Our 800 series filling machine is a compact, countertop solution that fills and seals up to 1,200 pods per hour. The 7000 series is a floor standing unit that will fill and seal up to 3,600 pods per hour.

For the most ambitious of operations, our L-Series filling machines will fill and seal up to 24,000 pods per hour, depending on the number of fill lanes. These high-capacity filling machines can be integrated with additional automation, eg, bulk and retail cartoners, variety packers, date/batch/blend printing, dosing modules for powder and liquid ingredients for functional beverages, and more.

For more information on these systems and our innovative approach to creating a sustainable, circular economy, contact us at: [email protected]


Washougal, Washington, USA


SCA Expo Booth #: 1055


Modern Process Equipment (MPE)

Super.Max coffee capsule grinder

The new Super.Max is a precision coffee capsule roller mill that fits in the footprint of a disc-style grinder. The Super.Max is a higher capacity successor to the Mini.Max, which debuted in 2020 and has quickly found favour from capsule producers worldwide. The Super.Max increases capacity from 450 to 700 capsules per minute over the Mini.Max. The Super.Max and Mini.Max are both designed to operate either on top of capsule packaging machines or in a tandem grinding configuration but offer the narrow particle size distribution and coffee density that only roller mills can achieve — far superior to disc-style grinders. The Super.Max comes in two gas-tight, Ecodesign variants: the 2-high 600 SM.2; and the 3-high 600 SM.3. The 3-high

Super.Max stands only 63 inches high (160 cm), and the 2-high Super.Max only 54 inches high (137 cm). Despite the incredibly compact design, both Super.Max models can grind 240 Kg of perfectly densified, 300-micron size ground coffee for producing 700 capsules per minute.

Modern Process Equipment

Chicago, Illinois, USA


SCA Expo Booth #: 725


Neuhaus Neotec


The German roasting equipment manufacturer Neuhaus Neotec is happy to present their technology again on the SCA in Boston after two years of abstinence due to the difficult Covid situation. The company will show its sophisticated roasting system NEOROAST, which is especially designed for the specialty coffee scene. The unique way of roasting based on the established RFB technology opens a completely new world of opportunities for the roasting profiles. The secret of the physics behind is the minimum heat inertia, which provides for shortest response time of the roasting system to temperature changes. Even at the running roasting process, the operator can adjust the temperature increase or decrease, where the roaster immediately follows the new setting.

The continuous and gentle movement of the beans in an air stream provides for a maximum even roasting. All beans within the batch are developed on the same level and no aroma deviations from the desired results are produced. In addition, due to its minimum heat inertia the roaster produces the same results right from the beginning. Long heat-up times for homogeneous roasting conditions are thing of the past. These are just a few of the many reasons, why the NEOROAST is the preferred roasting machine for high valuable coffees.

The roaster is fully controlled by a PLC including an enhanced recipe management, but also external evaluation software like Cropster or Artisan can be used via Modbus interface.

The Neuhaus Neotec team is looking forward to meeting you at our booth!

Neuhaus Neotec GmbH

Ganderkesee, Germany

Neuhaus Neotec USA Corp

Roswell, Georgia, USA


SCA Expo Booth #: 883


TC Transcontinental Packaging

TC Transcontinental’s range of packaging

TC Transcontinental Packaging has been providing the coffee industry with a wide-range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions from crop-to-cup for over 40 years. We blend art, science, and technology to create high-barrier, high-performing, specialty films and bags to meet the needs of the producer, the exporter, the roaster, the brand owner, and the consumer.

We develop one-of-a-kind solutions in a wide range of barriers, formats, closures, and eco-friendly compostable options to protect your products freshness and aroma and meet your consumer’s needs.

From design to production, we work with our customers to create the perfect package for their product. We assess each opportunity and listen to our customers’ needs before determining the best films for the application.

As leaders in commercialising BPI certified compostable packaging for single serve and retail coffee applications, we will work with you every step of the way providing guidance to transition your coffee & tea packaging to an environmentally friendly solution.

Our technical staff, with decades of combined packaging experience, work with each customer right down to the packaging line operators, to assure our solution meets or exceeds their expectations for cost, quality, and service.

TC Transcontinental Packaging

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Web: or

SCA Expo Booth #: 608


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