One of a Kind Guatemala coffee auction aims to expand market access opportunities

With the aim of providing market access opportunities to more Guatemalan coffee producers by presenting innovative offers to potential buyers around the world, the National Coffee Association of Guatemala -Anacafé- has organised the second edition of the auction “One of a Kind Guatemala”, an auction that offers nano and micro lots of unique coffees, with differentiated processes in their preparation.

The National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafé) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have come together to launch the second edition of the “One of a Kind Guatemala” auction, marking the auction’s first Private Collection Auction installment. With the goal of expanding market access for producers while showcasing Guatemala’s innovative nano and micro-lots, the One of a Kind auction will help to introduce lesser-know quality producers to the world.

“The dedication and experience of the producers who grow these coffees under shade, the hand picking of each coffee cherry at the exact point of maturity, microclimates, types of soil, altitudes in mountainous and volcanic areas, combine to produce one of the best coffees in the world, coffees from Guatemala.” said Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, marketing coordinator of Anacafé.

“We understand that one of the coffee consumption trends is aimed at nano and micro lots of unique coffees, which have differentiated processes in their development. We identify as an innovation process all practice carried out after the collection of the fruit, ending with a washed parchment coffee, honey or dried cherry (natural), which is made intentionally in order to develop complex or exotic flavours and aromas in the cup, produced in a natural biochemical way,” commented Juan Luis Barrios, president of Anacafé.

One of a Kind aims to directly link producers of exceptional coffee, vetted by an in-person National and International Jury in Guatemala through a strict protocol of evaluation, with buyers at an international level, at prices well above those that can be obtained in the international coffee market.

This auction is open to producers registered in Anacafé, who have a coffee lot of 4 to 9 boxes of 30kg and does not require a producer/exporter license, thus aiming to be a more inclusive auction, giving more market access opportunities to small coffee farmers. In the first phase of the auction, Anacafé aims to receive coffee samples from all over the country. The top 15 coffees with scores of more than 86 points will be selected and auctioned on 28 July at an opening price of US$5.00 per pound.

Anacafé invites importers, coffee roasters and coffee shops to participate as buyers in this exclusive auction. Sample sets are now available for pre-sale at a $190 “early bird” price until June, then the price will change to $250.


  • Preselection round: 25-29 April
  • National round: 16-20 May
  • International round: 6-9 June
  • Awards Ceremony: 10 June
  • “Early bird” sample kit ordering: April and May 2022
  • Sample kit ordering at regular price: 1-20 June
  • Auction “One of a Kind Guatemala”: 28 July.

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