Artisan Coffee Co partners with Podback on UK coffee pod recycling service

UK-based Artisan Coffee Co has announced that it is now partnering with Podback, the nationwide coffee pod recycling service.

Podback is a first of its kind recycling programme, bringing together all brands of coffee pods to create one easy recycling service. Artisan Coffee Co customers can now add free Podback bags to their orders of coffee pods. Once received they can put their used coffee pods in the bags and have them recycled either by dropping them off at Collect+ delivered by Yodel sites or through kerbside collection, where, in certain local authorities, pods will be collected with their usual household recycling.*

Podback ensures that both the used coffee and pod are reused as much as possible. Whether it’s recycled pods that can be used to create drinks cans, car parts, or furniture. Or the coffee inside them, which is repurposed and used to create renewable energy and compost.

Artisan Coffee Co is proud to source coffee beans ethically and sustainably, prioritising fair trade, organic coffee wherever possible, and believes we each have a role to play in looking after our environment. This new partnership is the next step in its pro-planet mission, and means consumers can enjoy coffee ethically and sustainably.

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