Coffee Writers Guild forms

The Coffee Writers Guild (CWG) is an independent guild composed of writers, journalists and media professionals. Its members are authors, contributing writers and editors, as well as publishers of books, magazines, journals or news media that describe, inform and present coffee topics.

The CWG was created for members to share resources and collaborate, and to provide opportunities for members to participate in educational programmes, mentorships and networking. The CWG aspires to establish a productive and collaborative community of coffee writers, and to increase the professionalism and sophistication of coffee writing for more effective written communications. As an independent group not affiliated with any coffee or media trade organisations, the Coffee Writers Guild is able to support all coffee writers across the world.

Spencer Turer, vice president at Coffee Enterprises, is leading the charge to organise the CWG and is supported by a talented group of volunteers on the management committee. “As a founding member of the Roasters Guild, I saw the amazing positive impact to the coffee industry when a community was formed, and collaborations and education became available,” Turer says. “As a member of the editorial advisory board for two influential and respected coffee industry magazines, I have seen writers’ struggles—not with enthusiasm or passion for coffee, but with the process of delivering efficient and articulate communications. We hope to impact both the writers with greater expertise and confidence, as well as aiding publishers by creating a network of qualified writers for stories and articles.”

To help facilitate these goals, the CWG created a comprehensive and innovative Coffee Writers Values and Common Standards, which will help define what it is to be a great coffee writer and provide useful guidelines for this global community of coffee writers to be successful.

To join the group or find out more information, visit the CWG webpage at:

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