Colcafé recognised with the National Exports Award 2021

The National Exports Award is the maximum distinction for Colombian companies that export goods and services. It has recognised Colcafé efforts as an innovative global partner in coffee solutions.

Colcafé won the award mainly due to its innovation efforts driven by a customer-centric approach and thanks to a first-class costumer service, which has built a reputation for the brand as a coffee solutions partner for the most important beverages companies around the world. The prize also recognises the investment in increasing the production capability, the volume of its exports and the environmental sustainability projects (focused on water, energy, and gas consumption reduction and the development of a biodegradable cup with upcycled coffee).

“We believe that developing business opportunities outside of Colombia is essential to compete with the best and by that, keep growing in a sustainable way. We are committed to present proposals that position Grupo Nutresa as a company that offers global consumer products,” said Miguel Moreno Múnera, president of the Coffee Business of Grupo Nutresa.

The business stated: “We would like to thank all our stakeholders for making this possible and special thanks to our global clients for trusting in our solutions and experience. We will keep working to provide excellent quality, innovation, and sustainable coffee solutions.”

Colcafe, founded in 1950, is an innovative and global coffee solutions partner for the B2C and B2B industry. Since 1950, the company has been serving the most relevant players in the beverage industry worldwide, helping to develop its businesses through high coffee expertise, sustainability vision, innovative and tailor-made products, and an extensive manufacturing capacity, strategically located worldwide in seven manufacturing facilities in the USA, Colombia, Chile, and Malaysia. Colcafe is part of Grupo Nutresa, the most sustainable food company in the world, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2021. (

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