teapigs receives 15 Great Taste Awards

UK brand teapigs has received 15 Great Taste Awards this year. This brings teapigs’ total to an impressive 152 prizes to date.

All of teapigs’ teas are certified plastic free and are carefully selected and slurped by Louise Cheadle, teapigs’ co-founder and chief tea taster who has over 20 years of professional tea tasting experience.

“We’re really excited about these awards,” says Louise, “and we’re looking forward to bringing even more quality teas to the range. We do our best to source the best quality and best tasting tea out there and it’s brilliant to get feedback like this. Since day one we’ve been on a mission to get people drinking real tea again so it’s fantastic to be recognized for the work we’ve done so far. So, if you’re looking for a core classic flavour for your tea menu or something unusual to attract your customers, we’ve got an award winning tea that fits the bill!”

The stars were awarded for teas and blends across the teapigs range. Core flavours like peppermint, mao feng green tea and rooibos all received awards as did some of teapigs trademark quirkier flavours such as fennel & liquorice and chocolate & mint.

With a rise in consumer demand for functional drinks, teapigs feel good range was well decorated with their calm, happy and snooze blends all receiving a sought-after star.

Perhaps the most stand out awards went to relatively new additions to the teapigs range with two cold brew flavours, lychee & rose and peach & mango, as well as the newly launched peach and mango kombucha all getting an award.

“We know people are trying to keep their water intake up but want to avoid flavoured sugary drinks, so we’re thrilled our cold brews have been recognised by the Guild of Fine Food. Our cold brews are an easy way to make water tastier and more interesting – you just drop a tea temple in your water bottle or glass of water and leave it for as long as you like!” said Louise.

“Likewise, it’s amazing to see the positive feedback on our kombucha range. Being in the tea world, kombucha is everywhere, and we couldn’t help but think there’s always been one thing missing from the hype – the tea! Rather than using syrups, juices of flavourings, we’ve got an award winning range of teas and fruit infusions so why not use those real brewed teas to make a delicious drink? We figured better tea, equals better booch.”

Using quality teas undoubtedly hit home with the judges who described the peach and mango kombucha as having “lots of stone fruit on the nose, yet still retains a tea-like quality. The flavour is good: not too sweet, well balanced, and above all tasty. A very impressive kombucha!”

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