Health-Ade launches mutimillion-dollar marketing campaign on gut health

Premium kombucha drinks brand Health-Ade, has announced the launch of a multimillion-dollar marketing and education campaign, a brand refresh, and initiation of clinical research trials intended to offer consumers greater insights about what is arguably the single most important aspect of health according to science: the gut (Asnicar, 2021).

Despite the gap in knowledge, consumers are beginning to realise there’s something critical happening in their digestive systems. The term ‘gut health’ has seen a 494% spike in search volume from consumers nationally (Trends, 2016-2021), indicating a dramatic increase in interest in the topic. In recent months, multiple studies have been released connecting gut health to immunity, mood, and whole-body wellness (Psychiatry, 2020), yet most people report feeling uncomfortable talking about it and connect the gut solely to digestion. Health-Ade hopes to change all of that with an approachable campaign that starts with the gut’s point of view, leveraging the “Gut Gaze” to draw viewers in and take them on a journey of how a healthy gut leads to whole body wellness and how probiotics and healthy acids, like those in kombucha, can help. The omni-channel campaign will include digital video for streaming devices, social media content, display ads, and a 360-influencer campaign all geared towards educating and disseminating gut health information in an easy to understand, entertaining format.

“Health-Ade has come a long way from our days selling kombucha in the Los Angeles farmer’s market,” said CEO and co-founder, Daina Trout, who also holds masters’ degrees in Nutritional Biochemistry and Public Health, “but we have so far to go to inspire learning about personal health, especially as it relates to the gut. Your gut does so much more than digest, it has an insanely important impact on all aspects of your daily life – like driving immunity, energy, metabolism, mood, and even skin health. Scientists know this, but most people and even healthcare practitioners don’t.”

Revamped brand identity

Health-Ade tapped New York based SISTER STUDIO, led by co-founder and creative director, Lana Shahmoradian, to revamp the brand identity and create a brand campaign informed by Health-Ade’s bubbly personality. The campaign goal: demystifying gut health for a universal audience that goes beyond kombucha die-hards. The campaign was brought to life through a diverse mix of talent, both on and off camera, mirroring the brand’s endeavor to make the benefits of gut health relevant to all. Both Health-Ade and SISTER STUDIO are female founded and run.

“We saw an opportunity to illuminate the meaning behind the brand’s tagline ‘Follow Your Gut!’ and talk about gut health in a way that resonates with a broader, more diverse audience. The brand refresh and campaign expand the conversation about gut health by unpacking the gut’s influential role in our everyday lives (your cognition, mood, energy, etc.) in a way that aligns to the brand’s bubbly ‘happy gut’ personality,” said Ms Shahmoradian.

Health-Ade’s campaign, which will launch with national digital ads hitting over 50 million households, opens on a note of curiosity: it asks what is “The Gut” and why should you care about your own? It then segues into research-backed education about gut health and its effect on mood, immunity, energy, and skin, and how probiotics, prebiotics and healthy acids play important roles. An updated website further brings this story to life, creating a Health-Ade universe in which consumers can dive, gut first, into a world of digestible gut health education. The overhauled website will feature an interactive Gut Health 101 portal where consumers can learn more about their microbiome, kombucha, the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, and the gut’s impact on whole body health.

On the shelf, consumers will experience a revamped brand design across the Health-Ade Kombucha and Health-Ade Plus product lines that evokes the brand’s bubbly and bold personality. From the subtle modification of the logo and updated cast of character illustrations, to the new product descriptors that illuminate kombucha’s gut health benefits, the revamp will bring exciting new life to the functional beverage category, says the brand. The refreshed brand visual DNA and voice builds on the Health-Ade’s consumer equity and goal to become a recognised wellness company and leader in gut health, beyond kombucha.

Clinical trials will research the link between kombucha and gut health

Investing further in the belief that consumers should have access to easy-to-understand research-backed information about the power of gut health, Health-Ade has launched clinical human research trials that will study Health-Ade Kombucha’s effect on immunity, energy, metabolism, blood sugar and satiety. The studies are managed by a nationally recognised, independent research organisation and began in May with exploratory results expected to be ready by late summer 2021. Health-Ade expects the study to confirm what kombucha drinkers and fans of fermented foods already know: that kombucha has a significant and beneficial impact on gut health and whole-body health.

Lastly, 2021 marks another new milestone for Health-Ade. The brand will launch an updated version of its prebiotic soda line, Health-Ade Pop (formally known as Health-Ade Booch Pop) in June at major national retailers, including Whole Foods, CVS, and Walgreens. The better-for-you soda will feature updated packaging and new flavors in addition to its original offerings, for a total of six mouth-watering options: Pomegranate Berry, Lemon Lime, Ginger Fizz, Strawberry Vanilla, Apple Snap, and Juicy Grape. Health-Ade Pop will be available nationwide in stores and available for order online through Health-Ade’s website, with same-day or next-day delivery in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

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