HumaniTea creates UK’s first chilled vegan alternative to standard tea

With the UK’s National Tea Day approaching (21 April), HumaniTea is offering an alternative to traditional tea with the UK’s first ready-to-drink vegan tea lattes. Founder Tina Chen wants to make a positive impact on society, by aiming to get tea lovers to try a healthier, sustainable beverage.

HumaniTea is a small, yet growing beverage brand, which offers two flavours of a chilled vegan tea latte- Earl Grey Oat Milk Classic Tea Latte, and Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea Latte.

As the nation (and founder Tina) have such a passion for tea, HumaniTea wanted to create something for everyone. Oat milk is used instead of cow’s milk so that it is suitable for vegans, lactose intolerants, and those who are dairy free. It is also one of the most eco-friendly milks available in terms of both emissions and water usage- and not to mention tasty.

Tina Chen created her social enterprise in 2018, which creates an impact on many levels: tackling obesity with low sugar, plant-based drinks; promoting mental wellbeing by encouraging everyone to take a tea break; and working to improve the environment through a commitment to recyclable packaging materials and quality ingredients.

In 2020, HumaniTea started crowdfunding in order to raise money for manufacturing the lattes in a factory and delivering orders to the public. The company has since gone online, and now its teas can be found in 40+ supermarkets, restaurants, farm shops, and online stores.

Tina Chen, chief tea officer and founder said: “With National Tea Day coming up on 21 April, I’d love to share our story in Tea and Coffee Trade Journal as we are the first to market a Vegan Tea Latte brand in the UK since originally launching in December 2018.

“It’s been quite a journey this past year, from crowdfunding when lockdown hit, to launching our brand new Oat Milk Tea Lattes which were bottled into cans as of November 2020.”

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