Caffè Corsini becomes first Italian distributor of Ahmad Tea

Caffè Corsini has announced it is the new official Italian distributor for Ahmad Tea, the Hampshire-based English tea company, which offers some of the best traditional varieties of teas and infusions. The company is one of the world’s leading tea producers and shares with Caffè Corsini (leader in the food and beverages sector in over 65 countries and spokesperson for the absolute quality of the “Made in Tuscany”) many values centered on research and selection of the best blends, so as to create an exceptional product to be enjoyed by everybody.

Ahmad Tea’s history begins 35 years ago in England, when a young tea merchant understood the consumers’ growing need of a unique and refined infusion to be drank throughout the day. The company maintains stable relationships with trusted countries of origin: China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka, which are some of the principal producers of refined teas. The English office presides the admin and commercial aspects of the company as well as research and development, whilst production and packaging are decentralised between six different plants situated in Europe and Asia. The different blends heighten the taste, aroma, colour, strength and uniformity characteristics of the various tea varieties originating from different plantations in order to obtain a balanced end product, which is in line with the most demanding consumers’ expectations, says the company. Image and packaging are designed to enhance the quality of the product in every aspect, maintaining its quality throughout the various stages of the distribution supply-chain. The company’s results are recognised at an international level, bringing Ahmad Tea in over 80 countries worldwide for a total consumption of over 30 million cups of tea every day.

Caffè Corsini offers exclusively a vast selection of Ahmad Tea products consisting of refined and unique teas and infusions, available immediately. The Ahmad Tea range comprises a total of 16 different tea blends and 14 herbal teas and infusion blends. From the classic black teas such as English Breakfast or Earl Grey, originating from China and India and with an added hint of bergamot essence, available also in the decaff version, to the more sophisticated Jasmine Romance Green Tea, aromatised with jasmine flowers, and the refined Darjeeling. There is also a vast range of fruit teas: from the spiced Chai Tea (Ginger and Cinnamon), to the refreshing Raspberry and Pomegranate, a green tea mixed with the freshness of the pomegranate and raspberry fruits.

Natural ingredients, combining herbs, fruits and flowers with added vitamin strengtheners and botanical products, enhance the “Natural Benefits” herbal teas and infusions line, thought specifically for wellness and designed to help consumers throughout their daily life. The Isana Beauty – Bellezza, which combines Aloe Vera with an infusion of green nettle leaves and lemon verbena and the fruity taste of peach, or the Tisana Energy – Energia, that combines Vitamin B6 with the energising exotic and citrusy notes of guarana, cinnamon and grapefruit.

Many novelties, gift ideas and alternatives are available on Caffè Corsini’s e-commerce, together with the company’s well-known products, such as coffee in grains, ground coffee, pods and capsules compatible with the most renowned extraction methods and coffee machine brands, as well as coffees from organic farming, and the best sellers American coffee and Ginseng coffee.

Ahmad Tea of London is a member of the UK Tea and Infusion Association (previously the British Tea Committee), the British Food Export Committee and the International Tea Committee. It is also part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, has both the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certificates, and boasts some of the highest Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental standards.

Founded in Arezzo in 1950 by Corsino Corsini, as a small artisanal coffee-processing lab, Caffè Corsini, under the leadership of Patrick Hoffer, has become one of the leading coffee roasters. The coffee beans are carefully selected, journeying to the producing countries in search for the purest blends, to bring both to the table and the bar a taste that is not only the produce of numbers and machines, but of faces, aromas and cultures of faraway places. Caffè Corsini promotes the safeguard of the producing areas, the protection of the environment and the local population working in the coffee field. For over 70 years, the company has been offering quality, professional respect for its workers, and is particularly careful to environmental sustainability, using renewable energies and compostable capsules.

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