Healthy Living Market announces partnership with Bellwether Coffee in new store

​Healthy Living Market​ has announced its partnership with Bellwether Coffee, ​makers of the first-of-its-kind zero-emissions commercial coffee roaster and integrated Coffee Marketplace​. The Bellwether Roaster is the first, internet-connected, zero-emissions commercial coffee roaster in the market. The company’s recirculating roasting technology removes particulates, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds in real-time. The addition of the Bellwether Roaster to the new store location in Williston, Vermont helps to provide freshly roasted coffee while being mindful of sustainability for the environment and the farms that produce it.

“Bringing Bellwether into our stores is a fantastic achievement we are very proud of,” said Matt Jennings, VP of Culinary for Healthy Living. “Our partnership with Bellwether represents our commitment to high-quality coffee, sourced from sustainable and dependable growers, and a re-invigorated programmatic approach to bringing house-roasted coffee directly to your cup at HL. Not many people can make this claim and it showcases the emerging evolution in our cafes!”

Healthy Living Market is opening its third store location in Williston to expand access for customers across the northeast. This location will feature an in-store cafe with coffee, pastries, an organic juice and smoothie bar; plus sandwiches, soups, and salads. In addition, the store will feature a curated selection of natural and organic products across all departments, with an emphasis on local whenever possible.

According to the ​National Coffee Association​, 62% of Americans drank coffee on 28 October 2020. Additionally, 36% of those coffee drinkers consumed coffee prepared outside of the home at coffee shops and coffee retail locations. The continued growth in coffee consumption and a growing interest in higher quality and sustainability will lead consumers to care more about how their coffee is grown, sourced, roasted, and served. NCA found that one-fifth of Americans ​say they are much more likely to buy coffee that is ‘grown on farms that treat workers well’ and ‘grown in an environmentally sustainable way.’

“In-store roasting at cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores should be the rule, not the exception,” said Bellwether CEO, Nathan Gilliand. “Partnering with Healthy Living Market to bring roasting in-house for their new grocery location will help them to place an emphasis on delicious coffee and also how they are investing in equitable futures for coffee farmers through purchasing green coffee from our marketplace, and in sustainability for our environment by eliminating harmful emissions in the roasting processes.”

The core features of the Bellwether Roaster include:

  • Electric: ​No gas lines, vents, or permits are required for the roaster.
  • Roasting control: ​The Bellwether Roaster’s integrated software provides access to the industry’s best coffee roast profiles or the ability to create your own profiles.
  • The Bellwether Marketplace:​ Access responsibility sourced green coffee from farms around the world delivered in easy-to-store boxes.
  • Inventory and scheduling: ​The Bellwether Roaster’s software reportedly allows for easy ordering, consumption data, and roasting schedule management.

Customers in the Williston area can now try coffee by the Bellwether Roaster at Healthy Living Market starting 30 November. For further information, visit ​​ and​.

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